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Modern Muse Chic – Arizona Muse interview

By Liz Hancock

Modern Muse Chic – Arizona Muse interview
Estee Lauder Modern Muse spokesmodel Arizona Muse shares her own personal muses.

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Estée Lauder unveils two new Modern Muse Moments films directed by Filmmaker, Steven Sebring. These films are the second installment in the Modern Muse Moments film series and coincide with the launch of the new Modern Muse Chic fragrance.

For the launch of Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse fragrance, filmmaker Steven Sebring created a film on Estee Lauder muse and spokesmodel, Arizona Muse.

Now, on the launch of the new fragrance Modern Muse chic, two new films have been created about Arizona Muse’s personal muses – actress Cody Horn and the Paris Opera Ballet’s principal dancer, Amandine Albisson.

Here Arizona Muse shares her thoughts on why she chose these special women…

How did you choose Cody and Amandine to be your muses?

Cody and Amandine are two beautiful, intelligent young women who lead very different, yet equally remarkable lives and I find them incredibly inspiring. I’m blessed that each of them has influenced my life in different ways.

There are so many styles of dance, why ballet?

I have always been intrigued by the art of dance. There is something about the way a dancer can evoke feelings and emotions in an audience. Every time I see a performance I’m moved – it alters the way I think about life.  That being said, there is something extraordinary about a ballerina. It’s an art form that takes such precision and discipline. The amount of time and effort Amandine has put into her career is unfathomable to me. When you watch her dance, it’s as though she is a fairy, her beauty is like something from another world – that makes her a powerful muse.

There are so many actresses, why Cody?

Cody and I have been friends for a long time. She started her career as a model, which is how we met – we had an instant connection and have been friends ever since. Over the years her career has evolved and now she is an extremely talented actress. Cody is a beautiful soul, she speaks her truth every day and is deeply in touch with herself and what makes her happy. To me, that’s the ultimate muse.

Both of your muses perform, either on stage or on screen. Is this something you’re interested in pursuing in the future?

I’ve taken some acting classes and I really enjoy them. I always imagine that as an actress (or actor), you have this limitless platform for self-expression and I find that very enticing. My goal in life is to follow what makes me happy, so if performing is it, then I believe it will come into my life when I need it.

Your muses are around your age. What drew you to these women?

I’m really happy that Amandine, Cody and I are around the same age. It’s inspiring to see young women who have accomplished so much. Hopefully, a lot of our “muse worthy” acts are still yet to come. I feel so blessed to be friends with people like Amandine and Cody and to see where we all go together.


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