MiNDFOOD Travel Quiz – Part Two


MiNDFOOD Travel Quiz – Part Two
Think you know the world? Test your geography with part two of MiNDFOOD’s travel quiz.
  1. What is the longest country in the world in terms of landmass, north to south?
  2. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
  3. If I were standing in the Red Square, which city would I be in?
  4. What two colours are on the Polish flag?
  5. What is the official language of Namibia?
  6. To which country do the Gili islands belong?
  7. In which country would you find the world’s most active volcano?
  8. What is the most populous city in the world?
  9. Which country has sovereignty of New Caledonia?
  10. Which island archipelago is home to the largest lagoon in the world?
  11. In which country was the highest temperature of all time recorded?
  12. In what country would I find Lake Baikal?
  13. What is the currency of Vietnam?
  14. Norfolk Island is part of which country?
  15. What is the main religion in Bali?
  16. Which city is home to the Ruins of St Pauls?
  17. What country is the largest exporter of coffee?
  18. What is the longest river in Asia?
  19. In which ocean is Guam located?
  20. What is the capital of Romania?


Let us know how you go in the comments below.



  1. Chile
  2. Astana
  3. Moscow
  4. Red and white
  5. English
  6. Indonesia
  7. USA (Hawaii)
  8. Tokyo
  9. France
  10. New Caledonia
  11. USA (Death Valley)
  12. Russia
  13. Dong
  14. Australia
  15. Hinduism
  16. Macau
  17. Brazil
  18. The Yangtze
  19. Pacific Ocean
  20. Bucharest


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