MiNDFOOD INTERVIEW: Sir Anthony Hopkins


MiNDFOOD INTERVIEW: Sir Anthony Hopkins

Continued from an interview in our September 2014 issue…

In making Noah, what did you learn about the story?
Nothing! But, I will tell you when I saw the finished film for the first time I was astonished by the scope and magnitude of it. Those great rock monsters came out of nowhere. I thought, ‘Oh, that’s new. I don’t think they were in the Bible’. Maybe they came from Gilgamesh or some other legend because there have been many deluge legends. There’s a touch of science fiction in this, I guess. But, it is a powerful story, the way Darren has directed it.

In what way?
I think his Judaic senses and knowledge of the human struggle and human condition. Most of the stories in the Bible deal with human pride and arrogance and then the prophets come along and say, ‘Hold on boys. We’re getting above ourselves’. The Greeks called it hubris. You get too close to the Gods and you get destroyed by them. In the New Testament Jesus says, ‘Relax. Let go. We are God. We are of the father’.

There are a lot of great actors in the film: Russell, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Ray Winstone. What actor or role were you intrigued by?
Ray Winstone’s great performance as Tubal-cain. He’s the man who symbolises human greed, avarice, violence, destruction and he himself is destroyed. If you look at history, that’s how it goes. If you wipe out 50 million people like the guy in Germany did all of those years ago, you will end up destroyed and in a hole in the ground. There’s retribution. It’s the same with all of the great monstrous dictators – they end up either disenchanted, alone, destroyed and torn to shreds by their own egotism.


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