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Microbiome science provides soothing recovery solution for stressed skin

Microbiome science provides soothing recovery solution for stressed skin
Having a bad skin day? Soothe, strengthen and hydrate sensitive-feeling skin with Lancôme’s new 30-day recovery treatment serum that makes the most of cutting-edge microbiome science to visibly revitalise your complexion.

Have you heard of skin ‘rewilding’? It’s currently a buzzworthy trend in the world of skincare, and borrows the term from conservation efforts to restore ecosystems to a point where nature can recover and flourish.

Similarly, skin rewilding acknowledges we are facing increasing challenges with our complexions. A fast-paced lifestyle, along with environmental and UV damage can result in irritation, sensitivity and breakouts. Our skin’s natural flora, known as its microbiome, can be thrown out of balance and skin’s protective barrier is subsequently compromised.

Rewilding simply means seeking out dedicated products that seek to return that natural balance by introducing the nutrients that sustain beneficial microorganisms, now known to be fundamental to healthy and radiant-looking skin. When the microbiome is balanced, skin is better able to defend and recover.


While people are certainly talking about the skin’s microbiome right now, it’s far more than a passing trend for Lancôme. The iconic skincare brand has led the way in skincare formulation to soothe, strengthen and hydrate skin and has done so since it introduced its original Génifique serum back in 2009 that addressed an array of skin concerns including radiance, texture, resilience, firmness, clarity, tone and fine lines and wrinkles.

Lancôme scientists put years of research into the original formula, but skincare science moves on significantly each year, and in the interim those experts sought to learn more about how our skin reacts and deals with modern, ever-evolving situations. As a result, microbiome science has gained increasing focus. The resultant discoveries informed a reformulated serum, Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate formulation launched in 2019, and has gone on to become a skincare smash hit of icon status.

It’s powered by seven prebiotic and probiotic fractions that work to enhance skin in two unique ways: to bolster the quality and diversity of the skin microbiome with its prebiotic nutrients; and to nourish the skin with its unique cocktail of probiotic fractions and hyaluronic acid. Remarkably, each dropper full of Advanced Génifique contains 30 million prebiotic and probiotic fractions that work to supercharge the skin’s recovery mode.

Within just seven days of use, studies have shown the skin is resilient, stronger and more youthful-looking, not to mention plump and radiant.

Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate (L) and Advanced Génifique Sensitive.


In today’s world, skin issues are on the rise. Along with increasingly managing environmental challenges that impact skin, wearing a mask has become a necessary part of our daily routine, and skin can easily become impaired beneath it. As its barrier is compromised, our skin becomes visibly unstable. Soon, imperfections such as redness, discomfort, excess oil and visible pores can appear.

It’s why Lancôme has extended its microbiome knowledge to a dedicated short-term treatment serum to help address the specific demands of skin experiencing sensitivity, or simply skin that’s not looking or feeling its best.

New Advanced Génifique Sensitive serum is a 30-day recovery treatment designed to soothe, hydrate and rebalance skin that’s out of kilter. That includes treating redness, visible pores, and excessively oily skin.


Designed as a night-time serum to complement the use of Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate in the morning, Advanced Génifique Sensitive is made up of two concentrates in different compartments, freshly sealed and separated until activation to preserve freshness and potency.

Before use, it’s necessary to blend and activate the two freshly sealed concentrates of the formula by pushing and twisting the black cap clockwise to release the blue concentrate into the base concentrate. Then shake the bottle until the two concentrates are evenly mixed, unscrew the black cap and replace with the dropper to use the product.

Apply to skin after cleansing. Its weightless serum texture sinks in quickly, leaving skin feeling beautifully fresh and hydrated.


Dual concentrates are freshly sealed and separated until activation to preserve their freshness and potency.


Harnessing Lancôme microbiome science, it contains 7 pre-and probiotic fractions selected for their complementary action on the microbiome and its environment. In addition, the base also contains hyaluronic acid known to help skin retain water; it helps smooth and replump the skin with moisture.


It is enriched with ferulic acid pure at 98% and vitamin E in order to deliver potent antioxidant protection against free radical damage that can accelerate signs of ageing and soothe the skin. Together, they help revitalise skin’s protective barrier to improve its texture, promote an even complexion and protect against environmental aggressors.

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