Meghan Markle’s Coat of Arms Unveiled


Image @kensingtonroyal
Image @kensingtonroyal
The songbird has a coat of arms all of her very own.

Just when you thought being a Royal couldn’t get any cooler, Meghan Markle’s own personal coat of arms was unveiled.

Designed and developed by Meghan herself, alongside Mr. Thomas Woodcock, Garter King of Arms and Senior Herald in England who is based at the College of Arms in London, the Duchess’ coat of arms is packed with personal touches.

An LA girl through and through, Meghan’s coat of arms represents her home very well. The coat of arms has a blue background, representing the Pacific Ocean off the California coast. The shield has two golden rays across it, symbolic of the California sunshine, which are dispersed between three quills representing communication and the power of words. California’s state flower, golden poppies, sit beneath the shield on the grass, alongside wintersweet, which grows at Harry and Meghan’s London home, Kensington Palace.

Image @kensingtonroyal

Before you start wondering why Meghan’s songbird wears her crown around her neck, you should know that there’s a very simple explanation. The design, which was approved by the Queen beforehand, is a perfectly normal royal tradition. When a person marries into the Royal Family, the crown on their animal is drawn on their neck, while those who are born royal have a crown depicted on the animal’s head. Hence, why Meghan’s songbird wears a crown around its neck.

The bird also has an open mouth, to represent the importance of communication, which is a little ironic given that the internet was somewhat aghast over the “distressed” looking bird.

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