Is Meghan Markle Using Amal Clooney’s Hair Stylist For Her Wedding?

Meghan Markle could use her friend Amal Clooney’s hairstylist at her royal wedding next month. The Daily Mail spoke to Amal’s stylist, Miguel Perez, who admitted he has done Meghan’s hair previously – and could be doing it again very soon.

“Yes, I do Meghan’s hair. I do Amal’s, and Meghan is friends with her. I also do George [Clooney]’s, I do the whole family”, he said. “Amal put Meghan and me together when she moved here [to London]. I do her colour, her cut and her styling.” He added that they have also discussed the wedding. “We have talked about it and we have a plan,” he revealed. “I can’t say any more, but we know what we’re doing.”

As for what kind of style Meghan will choose, popular guesses are in favour of loose waves despite the Suits star’s penchant for wearing messy buns. Other royal brides have worn an updo in the past, from Grace Kelly to Zara Phillips – yet it’s clear Meghan doesn’t follow the usual royal protocol in all instances.

The Dress Kate Middleton Wore To Introduce The New Prince

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their third child into the world today. Kate Middleton wore a custom-made red Jenny Packham dress with a peter pan collar for her first appearance with the new royal baby.

To make the moment even more special, the stylish number was inspired by the dress Prince William’s mother Princess Diana wore when she introduced Prince Harry to the world in 1984. Diana wore a long red jacket by Jan van Velden with a white shirt and red bow.

Jenny Packham has designed all three of Kate’s post-birth dresses, including the yellow dress below.