Meghan and Kate’s Friendship As Told By Body Language


Image @kensingtonroyal
Image @kensingtonroyal
It hasn't even been a month since the royal wedding, but everyone is eagerly waiting to see whether Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are BFFs. For those who can’t wait to find out, body language experts reveal the friendship is looking pretty promising.

There aren’t a huge amount of photos to trawl through to try and find evidence of the two Duchesses possible friendship, so whenever they are photographed together, the opportunity to analyse them is not one to miss. Body language is the easiest way to read a person’s mood and feeling, and even behaviour that may be taken for granted tends to mean something. So what is Meghan and Kate’s body language telling us about their friendship?

Image @kensingtonroyal

Early on in their friendship, Meghan and Kate (along with their plus-ones) were photographed curtsying before the Queen. At first glance when watching the scene, it looks like Meghan is just holding her curtsy for an awkwardly long time. However, on second glance, you can see her eyes dart to look at Kate, clearly waiting to see what the Duchess will do before she makes her move. Meghan copies Kate’s entire performance, from her curtsy to the way she holds her hands, in a rather cute display of both nervousness and flattery.

It’s fair to say that since becoming a Duchess, Kate has become somewhat of a pro when it comes to royal protocol. Confidence paired with elegance is her secret weapon, an inspirational combo which Meghan clearly tries to channel.

Watching Meghan and Kate at Trooping the Colour only further confirmed their sweet friendship. The pair were seen laughing and sharing a moment on the balcony, which broke the tension of the day, and made Meghan feel a little more comfortable in her new royal boots.

Image @kensingtonroyal

Perhaps the reason the Duchess in training feels so comfortable with the seasoned Duchess is because Kate has made a huge effort to take her under her wing. At public events she can often be seen to be checking on Meghan, proving the adorable theory that she sees Meghan as a little sister, as well as a friend.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to imitate Kate. She’s the older sister that every girl has always dreamed of.


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