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Mediterranean diet helps men perform in bedroom

Mediterranean diet helps men perform in bedroom

A diet rich in fish, salads and olive oil, and enjoying an occasional wine could help men suffering from impotence.

Mediterranean diet helps men perform in bedroom

The study, which was conducted by Greek cardiologist Athanasios Angelis, showed that a Mediterranean diet helped clean out blood vessels, particularly the narrow ones leading to the penis that are essential in helping men perform in the bedroom.

An expert in erectile dysfunction at Hippokration Hospital in Athens, Dr Angelis said,

“The Mediterranean diet is well known to be a healthy diet, one that is associated with longevity, wellbeing, lower incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease.”

Dr Angelis also explained that when a man had problems with erectile function, “it can be a sign of worse health problems to come”, because the blood vessels in the penis were ‘very, very sensitive’ to what was happening in the rest of the body.

“Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can help reverse moderate erectile dysfunction,” he added.

When it came to diet specifics, Dr Angelis claimed that increasing fruit and vegetables, cereals, salads, nuts, olive oil, fish and poultry – and enjoying two glasses of wine a day – were a man’s best bet for avoiding the need for Viagra tablets.

He also suggested limiting red meat consumption to once a week.

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