Matt Moran’s unconventional oven

By Kelly Jirsa

Image Credit: Kidsafe Australia
Image Credit: Kidsafe Australia
Celebrity Chef Matt Moran proves a disturbing point about why you should never leave your children in the car unattended.

In Australia temperatures soar to an average of 30 degrees in summer, with record high temperatures reaching in excess of 48 degrees.

Inside a car the temperature raises at least 30 degrees above the outside temperature.

Each year over 5,000 children are left in cars across Australia, with 38 children dying in hot cars from heat-related deaths. As we enter what is set to become another hot summer it’s important to be aware of the safety of your children not just while you are driving but when you’re parked.


Matt Moran took to iconic Bondi Beach with his demonstration on the first day of summer, 1 December. He explains:

“The real reason I’ve got you here today has got nothing to do with me launching my new oven. It’s to do with over 5,000 kids being left in cars every year. And as a father I’m absolutely gobsmacked. Australia needs to know that it is not safe to leave a kid in a car – it is like an oven.”

The take home message: Never leave your children in the car unattended.

The Unconventional Oven is a collaborative campaign with Kidsafe Australia.




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