Masterpiece – Poem

Masterpiece – Poem
A poem by one of our readers, Kimberley Rivett. Are you a Budding Poet? Have your poem published in MiNDFOOD magazine too.


Each day I rise, bathe and dress for the day
Then step into the space where the palette lies
I gaze at the canvas, never blank
Always the remnants of failed attempts of days before
There is the outline of a portrait, yet to be completed
With lines and colour
Some wanted, some not


I begin my work
A dash here, a splash there, some colour
Until she begins to emerge from under the busy brushes
Some days a fearful, lost face stares back
Other days she is brave, bold
Ready for
Another day


I know this face, every nook and cranny
I know those eyes, some days tired but always impish and slightly playful
Her youth has passed but the lines tell her stories, as I work to cover her blemishes and sallowing skin


Then I step back,
Away from the mirror
Put away the makeup…
Admire the masterpiece
And begin
Another day


Auckland, NZ


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