Master the February Fast

By Donna Duggan

February fast
Planning a Feb fast? Here are three tips to keep you on track.

February is a popular month to take a break from alcohol. Not only is it a short month, it also comes after a potentially long festive season.

1. Stay focused on the health benefits
Researchers from London’s Royal Free Hospital found a month without alcohol improves insulin resistance, blood pressure, liver stiffness and assists weight loss. Start Rethinking Your Drinking today.

2. Make friends with water
There many healthy options you can choose to make water more interesting. Add slices of fruit or cucumber, make some herbal ice tea, spice it up with some ginger or lemongrass, invest in a soda stream machine to add some fizz. Add mint leaves or frozen berries. There’s not much point replacing alcohol with sugary soft drinks, so find a healthy option that’s easy to prepare and palatable. Are you drinking enough water? Here are 5 Signs You’re Dehydrated.

3. Plan a different happy hour
Schedule a physical activity you enjoy, ideally with someone who is also doing Feb fast, when you would normally have a drink. By replacing alcohol with exercise you will get a nice hit of endorphins and encourage weight loss. It’s time to Wise Up To Exercise.


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