#MakeTheCake with The Caker


#MakeTheCake with The Caker
Image: thecaker.co.nz
The Caker's Jordan Rondel shares her top tips for baking cakes.

To celebrate our tenth birthday, the MiNDFOOD team are putting on aprons to create a cake – or biscuit, or tart – that shouts celebration. As part of our #MakeTheCake competition, we are catching up with some of New Zealand’s best chefs and bakers. Here, Jordan Rondel of Auckland’s much-loved cakery, The Caker, shares her experience with cakes.

What is your top baking tip?

Getting to know your oven! Some ovens are hotter than others, some cook more from the top, bottom, left or right. If you get to know it well you can make sure you leave your cake in there for the right amount of time and rotate it as necessary.

What is your favourite thing to bake?

Our flourless dark chocolate cake, as it’s incredibly simple and smells incredible as it bakes.

What is your favourite flavour pairing, e.g. chocolate and mint; peach and vanilla etc?

Almond butter and berries.

Why do you love baking?

I love the process of combining a few basic ingredients to create something incredibly delicious. There’s something very special about handing over a cake to a bride, or to someone celebrating a birthday, and seeing the joy it brings them. Everyone loves cake.

What is your fondest birthday memory?

I still remember a ballerina cake my mum made me when I was about 5 or 6. My mum stopped baking me birthday cakes a long time ago so this particular one remains fondly in my memory.

Visit thecaker.co.nz.



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