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The Secrets to a Great Hair Day


Beautiful woman with stylish hairstyle
Beautiful woman with stylish hairstyle
We find out how to get luscious locks without heading to the hair salon.

Leaving your home looking like you just stepped out of the salon doesn’t have to be that tricky according to Joico expert and owner of Cocoon Hair Design in Timaru, Felicity Bruce. Bruce shares her secrets to a great hair day.

How do I make my hair look and feel like I just stepped out of the salon?

Apart from asking your stylist to move in with you… there are some key components to achieving the same luscious locks that you left the salon with. Your stylist will recommend a home hair care routine and styling tips throughout the service. These aren’t just to up their sales commission by a couple of dollars, it’s so that when they bump into you in the supermarket or mall you are rocking the cut and colour they spent a couple of hours creating for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them to show you how to hold the brushes when blow waving or how to use hot tools to polish and shape the cut.

Are scalp massages important? How can I recreate this experience at home?

Giving yourself time to gently massage your scalp is a fantastic way to slow down your busy day and relax. Healthy hair needs maintenance and a scalp massage is a great way to get a little mindfulness and encourage blood flow to feed your follicles. I have big, coarse, dry hair. I use Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil. I put a few drops on my fingertips directly onto my scalp, massage while I’m sitting watching telly, work it through to the ends and leave it overnight to soak in the trio of oils that give strength, moisture and softness. It washes out easily the next day and you can use it again on your damp hair to style. It’s surprisingly featherweight and not at all greasy. The early 2000s were full of serums that felt like baby oil! The technology of oils has come a long way since then!

Why is it important to include a treatment product in your hair care routine? How often should I be using it?

Sometimes when we talk of treatments we instantly think of the once a week masques. If you are someone who loves a masque why not try boosting it with a hot towel wrap! Turban-shaped towels are perfect for this.

Other types of treatments can be used almost everyday, are less time consuming but give you that salon feeling finish. Try these never fail treatments; Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm or my new fav, Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-perfector that is so easy to use, just lightly spritz on freshly washed hair, to protect from UV, strengthen and add shine.

How do I pick the right treatment product for my hair type?

This is where your stylist can help you. Tell them what you have noticed about your hair, what you would like to change, what you currently use, when you can fit ‘hair time’ into your lifestyle. They can match your hair needs to the right products.

Some clients are really pushing the boundaries of colouring, which can compromise the hair. But those clients tend to follow up with the recommended care routine. I find that there are clients who don’t realise how much environmental damage their hair is exposed to. We are aware of the harshness of the sun, but we align that with summer, when winter can sometimes be harsher. A treatment is essential to restore and protect your hair in a season when we are all guilty of sitting a little too close to the fire after a day on the slopes.


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