Magic beans: The power of pulses


Magic beans: The power of pulses
Top five reasons to learn to love your legumes.

We all know the rhyme – beans beans the magical fruit, the more you eat…the more likely you are to keep at bay colds and flus and reduce your risk of heart disease? Well not quite, but we should!

Not only are they a delicious winter alternative to pastas and a perfect inclusion in soups and stews, the humble legume is packed full of protein, dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins such as iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Core legumes are an important part of any balanced diet but, according to the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council – Australians, on average, need to increase their intake to five times what they are currently eating – to even make it to the recommended levels.

Here are the GLNC’s top 5 reasons to love your legumes this winter

1. Beans are key to heart health: Eating legumes twice a week reduces risk of death from heart disease.
2. Feel good on the inside: Legumes are abundant in fibre, which is essential for gut health.
3. Enjoy the immediate benefits: Legumes contain protein for muscle maintenance and iron for a healthy immune system.
4. Avoid extra winter kilos: Eating legumes helps you feel fuller for longer as they contain soluble fibre, protein and are low GI, all of which may help promote fullness.
5. Stop worrying about wind: Eating legumes more regularly tends to decrease flatulence. Thoroughly rinsing canned legumes and soaking dried legumes before use will also decrease digestive issues.

So now you have no excuses, here are out top five recipes to incorporate legumes into your life. 

Chorizo and Lentil Braise

Topped with slices of spicy, smoky chorizo sausage, this quick and easy lentil dish will sate even the largest appetite.

Click here for recipe. 

Beans with Kale and Portuguese Sausage

Use your pantry staple canned beans for a delicious hearty stew with sausage and kale.

Click here for recipe.

Pasta and Chickpea Soup

Add this pasta dish to your winter repertoire, made in under 30 minutes, mid-week meals just got a whole lot easier.

Click here for recipe. 

Duck Breast with Braised Lentils and Rosemary and Parsley Pistou

Provence’s much-loved answer to pesto, pistou is a fragrant and flavoursome accompaniment to these duck breasts.

Click here for recipe. 

Lamb Cutlets with Chickpea Pancakes and Beetroot Salad

Seasonal baby beets make an easy and tasty winter salad for these rosemary infused lamb cutlets.

Click here for recipe. 




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