Five Minutes with Lara Deutsch & Michael Christofell

What is the philosophy behind your range?

Stem Organics was founded on the belief that everything you come into contact with matters. We thought it was important to create a skincare range that not only considered what was best for the skin but also for health and life in general. That’s why we focus not only on advanced skincare and health results but also on the environment, by not using excess packaging for our products and by donating to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Stem Organics offers ethical skincare for the eco-minded, promoting a healthy lifestyle and an optimistic future. The range contains no petrochemicals, GM ingredients, parabens, sulfates, artificial colouring, fragrances or dioxins and includes native Australian Kakadu plum (high in vitamin C) and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Every product contains at least 78 per cent certified organic material.

Why did you choose to make the range carbon neutral?

Becoming 100 per cent carbon neutral (both our products and our business operations) supports the ethics and ethos of Stem Organics.

The company is certified 100 per cent climate neutral by Climate Friendly. We see it as something any business interested in the environment should naturally do. It’s the small things we can all do that make a big difference.

What was involved in becoming carbon neutral?

After researching the various companies that offer carbon credits, we decided to go with Climate Friendly because of its exceptional standards and its affiliation with Greenpeace. Initially, it took some time for Climate Friendly to assess and understand our operations, as ours is the first skincare company to register for 100 per cent carbon neutrality.

Climate Friendly quantified the amount of carbon emissions our business creates through a series of elaborate mathematical equations and recommended great ways to reduce our carbon footprint through our operations.

By purchasing the highest level (gold standard) carbon credits to offset our emissions, these credits go towards long-term solutions, such as reforestation schemes and sustainable energy programs, to help combat climate change.

What are your plans?

We’re planning to expand our facial skincare range – which currently includes cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and exfoliator – with bath, body and baby products.

Our vision for Stem Organics is to provide an exceptional range of results-driven skincare products that are not only healthy and ethical but also excite, inspire and educate consumers.

For more information visit the Stem Organics website.