Luscious lips

It doesn’t matter what lipstick you choose, if your lips are dry and cracked your pout will never look fabulous. “Lip balms and conditioners are fantastic for keeping lips soft, smooth and hydrated,” says Estée Lauder’s Audrey Lim.

“But it is also a great idea to invest in a lip scrub or even rub a soft dry toothbrush over the lips to exfoliate before applying your balm.”

The key to a smooth, luscious put is to exfoliate and condition. Then make your lips stand out with a vibrant coloured lipstick or gloss. If you’re a lipstick fan, Lim advises starting with a lipliner in the same shade as the lipstick and colouring the lips in completely.

“It gives a clean and polished look, redefines the lips and controls bleeding,” she says. “Colour in the lips completely before blotting and then apply the lipstick.”

Even if you’ve never tried it before, all of our experts agree a classic red lip is worth a go for special occasions or just when you want to glam up your everyday look.

“Reds are a colour a lot of women find scary but like any other colour, you need to wear it for about 10 minutes to adjust to the colour,” says Lim.

And there’s only one way to choose your perfect shade, according to Bobbi Brown’s Doreen Yon.

“Try it on! Your hand is not the same as your face,” she says.

“If you’re a first time red wearer, go for a glossy, sheer formula. A cool blue-based red is universally flattering for any skin tone, while adding brightness to your teeth. Warm orange-based reds generally work for quite fair or deeper skin tones.”

STAR PRODUCTS (Pictured below) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Pure Color Lipstick, $50; Clinique Different Lipstick, $36; Kiehl’s Lip Gloss, $24; Elizabeth Arden Lip Definer, $35; Dior Serum de Rouge, $58; Aveda Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze, $34.95; Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss, $40.

How to achieve front row glam

Skin Prep

Exfoliation: Always use a gentle one! I see too many skin sensitivities from people scrubbing their skin practically bare in order to have good exfoliation and this can actually cause the skin to thicken and become more sensitised.

It is important to exfoliate two to three times a week to gently remove dead skin build up allowing for other serums and moisturisers to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin instead of sitting on the skin’s surface and these days the skin care products available are so advanced that the ingredients used are as effective as an enzyme exfoliation yet it has no granules.

Hydration: It is important to keep skin hydrated and drinking water is important for both internal and external factors. We need to apply added hydration to the skin and protect the skins natural lipids and overall texture by applying a nourishing moisturiser that’s packed with anti- ageing ingredients like anti-oxidants, fruit oils, hyaluronic acid, and nourishing oils like jojoba.

I always say you can change your handbags quite frequently but you can’t change your skin’s texture!

Active Serums: If you seriously want to see a difference in your skin complexion and would like to fight against ageing, I would invest in active ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. I prescribe these skin actives all the time to my clients and I am not lying when I say these products are what give you the results! We take vitamins internally so similarly with our skin, we need to apply vitamins externally.

Sunscreen: Important to apply sunscreen to our skin even in the cooler climate as our skin can still be vulnerable to harsh UVA and UVB rays. In the long run you’ll be happy, as sun protection helps to assist in the signs of premature ageing and discoloration of the skin like pigmentation

Photo ready make-up & beauty tricks

Dewy facial complexion
The trick is to apply make-up that highlights your best facial features, and less is always more! For those who invest in good skincare, why not invest in a fabulous foundation that not only matches your complexion, but benefits your skin health too? Mineral foundation is fabulous for achieving a dewy complexion and works as a treatment foundation which has vitamins and minerals that nourishes your skin.

Great brows
Brows really do shape and finish the face. Book in to see a professional brow artist to determine the best brow shape for you.  A great eyebrow tint also does wonders to make the brow appear fuller, so I recommend opting for a slightly darker shade and get your brows tinted. I love powder and pencil to thicken and enhance my brows too.

Hands and Feet
Hands and feet are always on show and I believe they say a lot about someone. Make sure nail polish isn’t chipped and that you are wearing an appropriate nail varnish colour that matches your outfit. Summer is great for vibrant oranges and hot pinks, whereas during winter, I like to go for deeper, darker and rich velvety colours like a deep blue red.

Lush Lashes
Eyelashes, I believe, make the eyes pop. For a special occasion, I’d look into having lash extensions, and the trick is not to have them too much longer than your original length. You can select from an array of lengths and materials such as silk, which the lashes are made from. Another option is glue-on lashes that your make-up artist can apply for you; usually if you purchase lashes from the make-up counters the artists will apply them for you.  Or practice makes perfect, so you can purchase single lashes or a half lash set (not full row) which makes the lashes appear more natural and are easier to apply if you are not a pro.

We are so fortunate that spray tan solutions have come a long way – now there’s no excuse to have an orange glow! I believe the key to the perfect faux is look for one to two shades darker thn your natural complexion. Seek a spray tan professional, or if you DYI it, make sure that if it’s a special occasion, you try the colour and persevere with application technique at least one to two weeks before – just incase you have any mishaps when trialing a new product.

Make-up bag glam essentials:

1. Mineral Make-up- Treatment foundations for your skin that has an SPF and vitamins for skin.

2. YSL- Radiant Touch Concealer

3. Eye lash curler

4. Mascara- Volume, Extra length

5. Deep Red Lipstick- Anything Tom Ford! I love!