Advanced skin peels help reveal a fresh and bright complexion

Lovely Skin Peel
How are you feeling about your skin? If improving your confidence through your complexion is on your agenda for 2022, pay a visit to the experts at Lovely by skin institute.

The team at Lovely by skin institute make it their mission to help dispel any apprehension with their friendly, accessible approach, backed up by industry expertise in the form of New Zealand’s leading skin health brand – Skin Institute Group. The Lovely by skin institute team of therapists and registered cosmetic injectable nurses are highly trained, and all of their services are signed off by Skin Institute doctors. You can have confidence in the breadth of treatments available and their application, from anti-wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers to laser, skin smoothing and tightening and fat reduction with Cooltech™.

Once not possible, ‘Preventative ageing’ is now a term we hear a lot these days, thanks to the considerable advancements in both skincare and aesthetic treatments to counter the visible effect of the ageing process. In particular, Lovely’s new Pro Dermal Planning skin peels with O Cosmedics have shown impressive skin-changing results, targeting multiple skin conditions to achieve skin youth, health and radiance.

Why try a skin peel?

The idea of a skin peel may sound intense, but treatment-wise, it simply means an application of professional medical-strength skincare that deeply exfoliates and takes active ingredients right where they’re needed. Having one in-clinic will bring results far superior to anything possible with home products, given the formulation of the peel using functional actives, overseen by expertise to achieve your particular goal.

This type of treatment helps skin recover from a number of issues such as pigmentation, problematic skin, sensitivity, ageing, fine lines and wrinkles and hydration and helps return it to its optimum function and condition, which means skin will look stronger, clear and brighter. Pro Dermal Planning Peels are suitable for all skin types and skin conditions. They’re particularly useful to reset skin that’s acting up or as a skin treat during summer to ensure skin stays or returns to top condition, improving hydration, pigmentation and other issues.

Targeting your concerns

Pro Dermal Planning Peels are based on the biomimetic deliverance of proven vitamins, powerful antioxidant peptides and O Cosmedics’ exclusive V8 Peptide Complex®. Specific peptide, vitamin or enzyme blends are used to correct the five major causes of ageing: collagen breakdown, inflammation, photo defence, oxidation and glycation.

A Lovely therapist will recommend the most suitable version for you:

Pumpkin peel

Works on the stratum corneum, or outermost layer of the epidermis using pumpkin enzyme for an entry-level peel suitable for all skins. It improves texture, promotes collagen and elastin, evens out skin tone and pigmentation and exfoliates.

Oxygenating Peel

Works in the stratum corneum using mango, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes for an entry-level peel suitable for all skins. The perfect pre-party peel, it removes dry skin, reduces wrinkle depth, smooths, boosts hydration, promotes cell renewal and leaves skin radiant.

Bio White Peel

Works in the stratum basale layer or the deepest layer of the epidermis. A more intense peel, anti-ageing, brightening and lightening, it helps even skin tone and maintains peaches and cream skin.

Catalyst Retinol Peel

An advanced peel, it works in the papillary dermis, or thin top layer of the dermis. Two per cent pure and encapsulated retinol is used for anti-ageing results, improving collagen and elastin, cell renewal, reducing lines and wrinkles and refining skin surface.

Three ways to peel with Lovely

1 Silver – Your introduction to O Cosmedics peels, a single peel is used to address your skin concern and provides intense skin changing results – $159

2 Gold – Amplify your skin results with a double peel in the same treatment, building to an even more intense effect by layering and using leave-on peels for a deeper working result – $179

3 Platinum – Your luxe peel edition, where a single peel is used to address your skin concern followed by a luxurious cooling, calming and brightening alginate mask – $199


FREE consultations are available for all treatments, and Afterpay is available.

Six locations at Westfield Albany & Newmarket, Commercial Bay, LynnMall, Sylvia Park and now at Silverdale.

Ph 0800-004-525



Purchase a Silver peel and receive a free O Cosmedics Medisoothe 30ml & O skin Shammy (RRP $53); purchase a Gold peel & receive a free O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser (RRP $72); or purchase a Platinum peel and receive a free O Cosmedics Skin Health Box containing a selection of four products (RRP $99 – $105). This special offer is available 28 February – 27 March 2022, while availability lasts.


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