#LoveYourLines re-emerges to emblazon body love solidarity.

By Kate Hassett

#LoveYourLines re-emerges to emblazon body love solidarity.
The hashtag, that began in August last year, has seen thousands of uploads, proving that body love is always more powerful than hate.

In the initiative started by a few mothers last year, #LoveYourLines sought to redefine the media’s representation of beauty, opening up the channels to women (and men) around the world, to contribute to the message of reclaiming our bodies.

The photos shared throughout the campaign have provided beautiful images of life and experience. The campaign is seeking to empower the contributors to show off their “tiger stripes” that are symbols of puberty, pregnancy, weight gain and loss – and more than anything, symbols of having lived.

The images target the perfection-obsessed society and question narrow visions of beauty that are often ingrained within us from a young age.

Earlier this week, the cause was reignited after Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen posted a candid photo of her stretch marks, captioning her image with “Stretchies say hi!”.

The post has provided a fresh space for women to further the cause started by the #LoveYourLines initiative, which will hopefully reach an even greater audience now.

repost from the lovely @chrissyteigen! we #loveyourlines. #stretchmarks | #beauty

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'I don't have an inspirational story… I wish i had, but in reality I'm just a young girl that is dealing with the pressures of this society. I have stretch all around my thighs and my boobs, in my inner thigh it's the worst. The reason? Heritage. My mom has them, my aunts have them, some of my cousins do… so you might think, why is she worrying if she's not the only one who has them? I don't love them. Many people think I like dressing modestly and it's not like I want my boobs hanging all the time but I would like to be able to show some cleavage and wear a swimsuit without worrying about shorts. I'm always telling everybody to be thankful for their body because it's beautiful, but why can't I say that to myself? I've noticed that not many teenagers send their stories so I wanted to be one of the very few who did… because all women, whether they are old or young, have struggles with their bodies. If you are a teenager and you are currently reading this, don't be afraid to share your story.'

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"3rd baby and my 3rd son. My middle son putting his hand on my 5 months pregnant belly."

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