Lose the booze this October & 5 delicious mocktail recipes

By Efrosini Costa

Lose the booze this October & 5 delicious mocktail recipes
As Ocsober kicks off, we share a few ways to help turn down that cocktail and share our favourite mocktail recipes.

Thousands of Australians will be emptying out their cupboards and fridge today for an annual month-long abstinence from alcohol.

Ocsober is a campaign that sees thousands of Australians pledge to ‘lose the booze’ during the month of October in an effort to raise funds for Aussie kids.

Life Education, the national not-for-profit behind the campaign, has received more than 2000 registrations already and is urgently calling on more Australians to commit to the challenge. There are plenty of reasons to take part, says Life Education CEO, David Ballhausen:

“Whether it’s to lose weight, set a good example or raise money for Life Education’s drug and alcohol programs, there are plenty of reasons to give up alcohol for the month of October.”

“And if you’re worried about not being able to enjoy a beer with the footy finals this weekend, we do have leave passes available for special occasions where you want to enjoy a celebratory drink,” he adds.

One-day leave passes are available to all those taking part in Ocsober. The cost of a leave pass is $25 or  $50 for two leave passes, which allows you to have a break from the campaign but at a price that may have you thinking very carefully about whether or not that the event or occasion is worthy of a leave pass!

This year, the organisation is hoping to raise $1,000 000 to empower kids across the country to make better choices and lead healthier and safer lives.

“Signing up for Ocsober and raising just $63 can help Life Education teach five vulnerable children about the dangers of alcohol misuse, while $219 can help us to deliver an important alcohol and drug education message to a classroom of secondary school students. The more you raise, the more children we can reach across Australia. This is your chance to make a real difference to the lives of Aussie kids,” argues David.

Here are some fun ways on how to turn down a drink this October with style.

· “Let me check my liver and get back to you”

·“I’m allergic to alcohol and don’t want to breakout in handcuffs”

· “Nah, it doesn’t agree with my vision”

· “When I drink, everyone around me gets really sensitive”

· “Do you know how many empty calories there are in that glass”

· “No thanks, I’m doing Ocsober to help Aussie kids”

Register now at www.ocsober.com.au. Funds raised will help Life Education to continue to deliver vital health, drug and alcohol education programs in schools across Australia, with the support of their iconic giraffe mascot, Healthy Harold.

MiNDFOOD is throwing support behind you this Ocsober by providing a few delicious ‘mocktail’ recipes to see you through the month of alcohol-abstinence:

RASPBERRY AND LIME FRAPPÉ – Use lime to cut through the delicious sweetness of seasonal raspberries in this frappe. Mixed with a splash of apple juice and some sparkling mineral water, this is the perfect drink to serve at your summer get-togethers. Click here for recipe

GINGER SPRITZER – This deliciously refreshing cocktail is great for a warm summer evening. Make sure you have plenty of ice on hand when making cocktails or mocktails and serve in chilled glasses, for an elegant touch. Click here for recipe

FRESH PINEAPPLE AND MINT SLUSHY – Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. A delicious flavour combination this drink pairs fresh pineapple with finely chopped mint. Served over ice you’ll need a spoon to make the most of this sensational slushy. Click here for recipe

MANGO AND LIME LASSI – A traditional drink from the Indian subcontinent, lassi is traditionally made by blending yoghurt with water and spices. For a summery take on the classic drink, mix three juicy mangoes with milk, yoghurt, lime juice and honey to create a thick, tasty drink served best with plenty of crushed ice and some lime wedges on the side. Click here for recipe

PASSIONFRUIT AND PINEAPPLE SPRITZERS – Although this recipe calls for store-bought pineapple juice, if you have a juicer then it’s always fun to blend your own. Mixed with the pulp from half a dozen passion fruits and added to sparkling mineral water this drink is deliciously delicate. Click here for recipe





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