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L’Occitane re-launches Immortelle Divine collection with newly-discovered extracts

L’Occitane re-launches Immortelle Divine collection with newly-discovered extracts

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, goes the old saying.

L’Occitane re-launches Immortelle Divine collection with newly-discovered extracts

The L’Occitane Divine skincare collection has long been a consumer favourite, so fans of the range might be surprised to learn that the products are being re-launched with a new formulation.

That’s because 20 years after L’Occitane first unlocked the youth-inducing powers of the Immortelle flower, new research has revealed secrets that have made the classic product range even more effective.

The Immortelle flower – an everlasting flower that does not wilt, even after it is picked – is the key ingredient of the L’Occitane Immortelle Divine collection.

Eco-extraction technologies have allowed the L’Occitane research and development teams to uncover two new extracts that were hiding in plain sight within the plant – the Immortelle Super Extract, and the Immortelle Super Aqueous Extract.

The Immortelle Super Extract is gentle to skin and unlocks skin volume benefits by increasing the epidermis thickness two-fold and acting on the skin’s architecture and collagens.

Meanwhile, the Immortelle Super Aqueous Extract yields antioxidant benefits that help protect the skin against external aggressors when it is associated with fellow extract, the Immortelle Essential Oil.

The benefits of the two new extracts can be experienced with the re-launch of Immortelle Divine Cream, Immortelle Divine Serum and Immortelle Divine Youth Oil.


Clinical and consumer trials have been carried out for each of the products, testing the change in appearance of wrinkles, complexion, density and firmness.

The Divine Cream helps correct visible signs of ageing by harnessing the power of 600 Immortelle flowers. Clinical scoring on 32 women after 3 months found that it increases both radiance and evenness/skin smoothness by 12%. An efficacy test by echography on 32 women for 84 days found it increases skin density by 14%.


The super-concentrated and fast-penetrating Divine Serum was found to reduce wrinkles by 30% in clinical scoring of 28 women after 3 months, while clinical scoring of 37 women after 3 months found that it improved skin density by 25%, and firmness by 20%.

The Divine Youth Oil promises a more luminous complexion, with clinical scoring on 29 women after 1 month showing that it reduces wrinkles by 28%. Clinical scoring on 32 women after 1 month revealed skin nourishment increased by 22% and complexion homogeneity increased by 15%.


After 20 nearly years of research into the Immortelle flower, today L’Occitane remains committed to biodiversity and supporting producers in the Immortelle programme.

L’Occitane technicians work with producers to find eco-friendly cultivation practices, plus L’Occitane’s new eco-extraction process which is free from synthetic solvents is respectful to both producers and the planet.

Immortelle flowers are grown in certified organic fields in accordance with European organic farming standards, and controlled by French organic certification organisation Ecocert.

All plants are grown from 100% Corsican seeds taken from wild Immortelle plants growing close to the cultivation areas, which makes it possible to maintain the plant’s genetic diversity and continuity between wild and cultivated environments.

Learn more about L’Occitane’s Immortelle Divine Collection here.

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