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‘Liquid hair’ is the super glossy celebrity trend that’s easy to recreate


‘Liquid hair’ is the super glossy celebrity trend that’s easy to recreate

With shine so brilliant it’s being referred to as ‘liquid hair’, achieving healthy, luminous locks is the hair trend to shoot for right now. 

Celebrities continue to play a part in setting the pace for global hair trends. 

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are continually part of the press cycle and a talking point for many that follow those sorts of things. Though their high profile relationships are probably the first topic covered, their full bodied, glossy and glamorous locks are also unmissable. Now their stylist Chris Appleton is becoming a star in his own right too – at least on social media –  for sharing his tips and tricks.

One of the most influential? His recipe for creating a luminous ‘waterfall’ of hair with almost mirror-like shine, becoming known as ‘liquid hair’ .

If this trend sounds familiar, you may recall the previously referred to ‘glass hair’ trend popular two or three years ago. The concept is similar, but instead of that pressed-flat look, the new approach is softer with a touch more body and fluid movement. 


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It means that the selection of the right styling products for that movement is key. Make no mistake through, hot tools like blow dryers and straighteners are also key for the new look. 

Appleton, also Global Creative Director for hair product brand Colour Wow, says he relies on one main product. Color Wow’s  Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is designed to  cover each hair strand with an invisible waterproofing cloak. According to the brand it contains a heat-activated polymer that works to compress, tighten and seal hair strands so it retains a smooth finish and quickly banishes frizz.

“It transforms the texture of the hair and blocks out humidity, to give you that mirror-like, liquid shine,” says Appleton.

“Prepping with Dream Coat is essentially the equivalent of wearing a raincoat on your hair,” he says. “It seals out moisture with a water-proof barrier so the style won’t come undone with frizz. And for my clients, their hair needs to last from the time I style it to the red carpet to the after party. For me, Dream Coat is the only product that guarantees that.” 

To use, he suggests saturating damp hair with the Colour Wow Dream Coat from root to tip. 

Then, Appleton blow dries it into the hair by sectioning and working through each section with focused heat from a dryer with a concentrating nozzle and smoothing tension by pulling through a round blow-dry brush.


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A post shared by Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1)

The stylist does point out you’ll need to have hair that is in good condition to get the full sleek look. To tackle dry or damaged hair, he suggests trying Colour Wow’s Money Mask, which the brand formulated in collaboration with Appleton. 

He says the formula, which uses sea kale, sea kelp and vegetable protein, is perfect to create “Rich, supple, expensive-looking hair”.

Though the product is designed to work on these hair types, if you have textured, curly or wavy hair, for long-lasting silkiness, you could try an in-salon keratin smoothing treatment.



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