Life hacks for busy people


Life hacks for busy people
You can never do with enough tips and tricks to get you through your busy life. A heavy workload can affect your eating and lead to bad habits. Aim for more balance by trying these simple ideas out throughout your day.

Start your day with a big glass of water

Start out your morning first thing with a big glass of water. You’ve been fasting all night, so this first drink helps hydrate your cells, wake you up, and fill your belly while you make a healthy breakfast.

Start your day on the front foot

Preparing and packing your lunch the night before will give you one less thing to do in the morning. There are plenty of breakfast recipes you can also prepare the night before to allow for a leisurely breakfast. This will help you gather your thoughts and arrive at work calm and ready.

Begin by keeping it simple

The hardest part of the day is getting started, so begin with the easiest task to get you into the working mindset.

No is the new yes

Keep yourself focused on your own to-do list. You can say no to those delegated tasks or at least offer to do them once you have ticked everything off your list.

Take a break

It doesn’t need to be long, but every two hours get up, walk around and stretch your legs – both your body and your mind will appreciate the break.

Busy is never an excuse to skip meals

Working through lunch without eating is unhealthy for your body and mind. Hunger may lead to poor concentration and over-eating snacks later in the day. You can’t always avoid those very busy days so aim to eat small, balanced meals once every three hours to keep you on track.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean dieting and certainly doesn’t mean not eating altogether

You don’t need to overcomplicate things, healthy eating can just be simply swapping out that morning tea cookie for a piece of fruit. It’s a case of small steps first.

Take time to enjoy your meal

Put down the device and take time to focus on what you’re eating. Being mindful of your food means you will enjoy it more, give your mind a break from your work and hopefully satisfy your hunger and avoid snacking.

Don’t be afraid to book in some downtime

Make a realistic to-do list, one you can accomplish by the end of the day. Include blank periods in case you run over time, this will help manage your stress levels and keep a happy balance.

Finally, reward yourself

Take a moment to think about what you achieved during the day. Celebrate the wins and don’t be too harsh on yourself for those things that you didn’t manage to do. Be a glass half full person.


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