3 simple ways to learn to love yourself

By Kate Hassett

3 simple ways to learn to love yourself
Learn to love yourself with these simple steps to self-affirmation.

When beauty ideals are unattainable and accepted definitions of success all but impossible to achieve, it’s becoming harder than ever to like ourselves just the way we are. But striving for a positive body image and healthy self-esteem is important for more than just a happier life – it could also ward off more serious mental health issues ahead.

Self-love is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. We know it’s necessary to ensure we are happy and healthy, but what exactly is it and how do we achieve it?

Self-love is having the ability to believe, wholly and unconditionally, in yourself. Why is it important? The ability to feel love within yourself directly impacts how we can then receive love from others and the world around us.

Heal your heart

By practising simple meditation that focuses on things that you love, you will notice a difference about how you view the world and the people within it.

Meditation is an easy way to actively readjust your mindset and calm your body as a whole.

Whilst it can be hard to tune out negativity, or excitement and overstimulation, factoring meditation into your day can make dramatic improvements to your mental wellbeing.

Make meditation a part of your day with these mindful tips

Take up soul searching

Soul searching is a necessary process when it comes to figuring out your path in life. It is important to realise that your search might never be complete and that it’s natural to keep on exploring for the sake of enriching your body, soul and mind.

If you ever feel a disconnect from where you want to be and where you are now, ask yourself some questions to help feed your confidence back into the present.

What do I really love?

What is important to me?

Where does my purpose lie?

The answers to these questions can help guide your path and uncover truths you thought you were missing. Once you know where you want to be, the journey allows you to share your gifts, talents and love, with the rest of the world.

Practice gratitude 

Instead of always looking for what’s missing, take time to appreciate the things you have.

While expressing gratitude might sound like a ‘new age’ idea, there is plenty of scientific research that shows it’s a practice that’s good for you. In fact, there is evidence that gratitude can improve almost every area of your life from relationships to self-esteem.

Spend some time everyday feeling grateful for something. If we stop and take a moment to notice the positive, there will inevitably be less room for the negative.

Learn more about practicing gratitude here. 

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