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Leading Light


Leading Light
Sometimes even the most efficient of skincare regimes need a helping hand. OMNILUX is leading the way forward for those seeking optimised skincare results.

As we age the skin undergoes a series of changes – some more noticeable than others. Hydration levels decrease, wrinkles become more obvious, and skin tone and texture alter. Changes that occur below the epidermis become visible, too; as collagen and elastin production slows down, skin starts to lose firmness and become less plump than it once was. Although advances in skincare technology and ingredients are delivering unprecedented results, now and then our beauty regimen needs an extra boost in order to restore our skin’s radiance. What better than light and trusted light therapies, like OMNILUX, to give your skin a natural glow.

How it works

“Think of OMNILUX as a deeper massage for the skin,” explains Mandy Gray, managing director, True Solutions. “It works from the inside out to plump up skin naturally,” Gray adds.
Unlike laser treatments and IPL, which can be painful, OMNILUX only uses one wavelength, non-invasive and is a pain-free procedure, suitable for most skin types. OMNILUX harnesses the power of spectrally pure non-laser light to bathe skin in a soft light and encourage the natural moisture renewal process, which in turn transforms dull and dry skin into a plump and well-hydrated complexion. It was originally designed to help doctors with post-procedure wound healing.

Who it’s for

“OMNILUX is a photo-facial for sun-damaged or ageing skin,” says Gray. “The great thing about it is that it can be tried as a single treatment though best done as a course.”
Gray goes on to explain that, ideally, a course of nine treatments is recommended to see the best results, each client can then decide how often they want to use it.
“I personally try to get under it as much as possible; it can only positively benefit my skin by boosting collagen and moisture,” Gray adds.

What to expect

The relaxing procedure, which has 
no down time, only takes 20 minutes per session, making it the ideal effective beauty fix.
According to Gray, clients usually experience a pleasant, warm feeling while under the light beam, as thousands of light-emitting diodes radiate pure red light over the skin.


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