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Lancôme launches device to help people with limited mobility apply makeup


Lancôme launches device to help people with limited mobility apply makeup

In years past L’Oreal has used Las Vegas technology trade show CES to introduce the world to some of its most innovative beauty developments.

This year is no different, as the beauty giant unveiled a key innovation designed to make makeup more accessible to those with limited hand and arm mobility.

HAPTA is described as the world’s first handheld computerised makeup applicator.

Launched under L’Oreal’s luxury makeup and skincare brand Lancôme, HAPTA is said to be designed to assist some of the estimated 50 million people globally that live with limited fine motor skills. A handheld, ultra-precise smart makeup applicator, it offers them the ability to steadily apply lipstick or mascara at home.

The applicator uses a combination of built-in smart motion controls plus customisable attachments that give the user an improved range of motion, increased ease of use for difficult-to-open packaging, and precision application.

A press release explains HAPTA incorporates technology originally created by Verily to stabilise and level utensils to give people with limited hand and arm mobility the ability to eat with confidence and independence.

“HAPTA features self-levelling technology embedded with real-time sensors for a full range of motion and steady application,” says the release. “As a result, the device level as your arm twists and bends, reacting intuitively to your every movement. HAPTA combines motors and gears to provide 360 degrees of rotation and up to 70 degrees of flexion, enabling hand and wrist motricity to be compensated without effort and distinguishing unwanted hand tremors from intended movements of the hand. A self-levelling hinge system uses electronic motion-stabilising technology to constantly adjust the device’s position in real time, every second. 2 internal motors and 9-axis accelerometers allow for self-stabilising motion control based on user’s hand orientation while keeping the device stable.”

While previewed at CES as a prototype under development by L’Oréal scientists and engineers , HAPTA is expected to be made available to the public for purchase later this year.



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