The Luxury Eye Serum That Will Change Your Skin: La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift

La Prairie’s latest innovation, Skin Caviar Eye Lift, is revolutionising the way we take care of the delicate skin surrounding our eyes.

If you’ve ever questioned whether you really need a separate skincare routine for your eyes, here’s something to consider: each minute we blink around 15 to 20 times. Add that up, and over the course of a day, we’re blinking well over 10,000 times. In fact, it’s estimated that we spend around 10 per cent of our waking time with our eyes closed.

But there are a few other reasons why the skin surrounding the eyes is often the first place to reveal the initial signs of ageing. Not only are the muscles that support the eye area in a state of almost perpetual movement: the skin that surrounds the eyes is much more fragile than the skin on the rest of our face. It’s also the one area on our face that lacks the collagen and elastin fibres that work to keep skin plump and lifted. What this means is that over time fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable, skin loses its plumpness and dark circles can start to appear.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift: The Eye Serum That Pushes Boundaries

With the incredibly unique nature of the delicate eye area in mind, luxury skincare innovator La Prairie has created a groundbreaking serum designed to plump, lift and firm the skin surrounding the eyes. For the very first time, La Prairie’s iconic caviar has been unleashed to its full potential to revive, raise and redefine the gaze. 

Formulated with the beauty house’s innovative caviar technology, La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift uses both caviar beads and a caviar-enriched gel-cream emulsion to transform the delicate eye area. Each of the two formulations is housed in a separate chamber to maintain purity right until the serum is applied to the skin. 

Unlike other eye creams and serums, eye-opening Skin Caviar Eye Lift has been designed to be used on the entire eye area. No sign of ageing is left untouched as the formulation can be used right around the orbital zone and above the eyebrows. 


Unparalleled Results That Speak for Themselves

Through studying Skin Caviar Eye Lift, La Prairie’s team of scientists discovered that with regular use, the eyes appeared more open while contours and eyebrows appeared redefined.

The other signs of ageing that tend to show up first around the delicate eye area – fine lines and wrinkles, under-eye bags and puffiness, and dark circles – are all diminished over time. With regular use,  the gaze appears raised, revived and redefined.

Application of Skin Caviar Eye Lift is easy too. After cleansing, simply pump the bottle to release a small amount of the dual-chamber formula onto your fingertip. Carefully use a dabbing gesture – rubbing can pull and damage the delicate eye area – to dot the serum along the brow bone, starting from the outside corner until you reach the inner corner. Then dab the serum along the brow itself, starting just above the nose and working towards the outer eyebrow tip. Use a gentle press-and-roll motion around the orbital zone and above the brow until the serum is completely absorbed.

Skin Caviar Eye Lift is available now from Smith & Caughey’s. Click here to shop. 

The Best Wedding Dress Inspiration from Fashion Week

In need of some wedding dress inspiration for your upcoming nuptials? We’ve turned to the catwalk for inspiration.

Wedding season is just around the corner and for brides to be that means the hunt for the perfect wedding dress is on. While international designers are just starting to reveal their Autumn 2020 bridal collections, the recent ready-to-wear collections show at London, New York, Milan and Paris served up plenty of wedding dress inspiration for the coming season.

Take a look at our favourite looks straight off the catwalk below and pick up the latest issue of MiNDFOOD STYLE – click here to shop – to discover our wedding special.

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