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La Prairie Collaborates with Artist Pablo Valbuena at Art Basel in Miami Beach

La Prairie Collaborates with Artist Pablo Valbuena at Art Basel in Miami Beach
La Prairie has cemented its relationship with Art Basel, teaming up with renowned artist Pablo Valbuena.

Luxurious Swiss skincare brand, La Prairie, has continued its partnership with Art Basel by bringing the philosophy behind its coveted  White Caviar Collection life recently at Miami Beach.

The luxury house commissioned renowned artist Pablo Valbuena to create a unique light sculpture on Miami Beach’s waterfront to coincide with the 2019 edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach.

“We strive to select artists who share La Prairie’s values. Contemporary Art is intrinsic to the La Prairie identity, and we see it as a prism through which to express our story. The artists with whom we collaborate bring their unique perspective and artistic vocabulary to this story, elevating it further,” explained Greg Prodromides, Chief Marketing Officer of La Prairie.

“For this edition, we wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary – extraordinary, if you will – by placing the commissioned art piece outside the Art Basel venue, where it can be experienced by the public at large. At La Prairie, we feel very strongly about sharing art in order to elevate culture as a whole, a vision I know we share with Pablo,” Prodromides added.

Wave on display at Art Basel Miami Beach.

To bring the collaboration with La Prairie to life, Valbuena designed Wave – a light installation on the beachfront that was inspired by his signature Array series. The immersive installation invited guests to explore the Shape of Light – a concept that perfectly articulates La Prairie’s brand values of precision, aesthetics and innovation.

“Wave depicts a sculptural volume unfolding over time – the Shape of Light seized in perpetual movement,” explained Valbuena. “It uses ephemeral and intangible materials – light and environmental sounds – and can be traversed by the observer, immersing them into the shapes cast by the undulating light columns. The work creates a malleable experience of scale: it shifts between object and environment depending on the observer’s position inside, outside, or at the boundary of the installation,” he added.

“I’m pleased to collaborate with La Prairie on this project in which the transformation of light is engendered by the fundamental element of the work itself. Bringing the shape of light to the wide-open space of Miami Beach allows me to superpose the virtual and the real in the same element,” said Valbuena.

An interpretation of the Shape of Light was also on display as part of the La Prairie Lounge at Art Basel located in the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The La Prairie Lounge at Art Basel located in the Miami Beach Convention Center, where an interpretation of the Shape of Light was on display.



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