Kourtney Kardashian Swears By This Kiwi Clean Beauty Brand

The lush, so-natural-they’re-practically-edible lipsticks created by Kiwi Karen Murrell have long been favourites at MiNDFOOD, but now they’ve been given a celebrity endorsement from a high-profile fan of clean beauty.

Kourtney Kardashian has regularly promoted the world’s most popular natural beauty brands via her lifestyle website Poosh, and despite a busy, jet-set existence, viewers of the hugely popular reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians have often heard her speak about her commitment to living an all-natural lifestyle.

So it was an appearance in the stories of her Instagram, with a following of 103 million, that has given the popular NZ lipstick brand a serious boost.

Kardashian shared an image announcing she was ‘ playing with clean beauty’ and tagged three popular shades from Murrell’s brand.

Karen Murrel’s Cordovan Natural is a favourite of Kourtney Kardashian’s

Readers of MiNDFOOD will likely already be familiar with smooth, creamy texture and beautiful colour payoff of Murrell’s lipsticks, particularly given New Zealand readers can get one free with the December issue when they purchase from selected retailers now.

The popular lipsticks are made with minimal ingredients including avocado, evening primrose oils, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange.

“We sent her a number of shades from our collection to trial,” says Murrell, of the delivery earlier in the year. “It was very exciting to see the social media tag alert pop up on our phones from Kourtney, it’s so encouraging to see New Zealand health, wellness and beauty brands gaining traction from such high profile publicity such as this in recent times”.

Kardashian, a mother of three, tagged three shades of Murrell’s lipstick in the image, which appeared to include bold red ‘Rymba Rhythm’, soft pink ‘Blushing Rose’ and nude ‘Cordovan Natural’.

Kardashian tends to favour wearing nude lip shades and Murrell’s team had noted they thought she may have been rocking their best selling ‘Cordovan Natural’ nude lipstick shade on her lips in recent months.

“Cordovan Natural is one of our top selling nudes,” says Murrell.

“It features a base of toasted cinnamon combined with a warm peach highlight and suits all skin tones, it’s a best seller in summer as it pairs beautifully with sunkissed skin”.

‘Chocolate Cake’ Hair is the New Trend to Ask for In-Salon

Looking for new hair colour inspo? There’s a delicious idea seriously trending for brunettes right now, and celebrities have been first in line to embrace the luscious colour idea.

According to experts, ‘chocolate cake hair’ involves a rich, dimensional look where deep, vibrant chocolate and truffle hues are lifted slightly with subtle balayage highlights to flatter the face and add brightness to deep brown tones.

The name is a nod to the gooey chocolate cream and icing in-between the dark chocolate layers on a decadent, multi-level chocolate cake.  


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The name of the trend follows an uptick in gourmand trends across the beauty board. Not so much anything edible, just that inspiration from sweet, comforting and delicious treats is a go-to right now in a time when we’re seeking fun, playful escapism in all its forms. 

It’s not surprising the uptake has been widespread as brown hair hues can be tricky to update without a full-blown makeover. Adding a touch of depth and shine as well as a few rich, expertly placed highlights, offers a subtle update and the glossing products available in salons these days can also make long hair look incredibly healthy and thick, even when its health is challenged. 


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Celebrities have been jumping on new options for rich brown colour, whether it’s a lush all-over tone or something more shimmering. 

Given ‘colour that glows’ is one of the most common requests in salons right now, this look perfectly fits the bill. 

It’s also a beautifully low-maintenance option, as any highlights are placed to emphasize movement but don’t come anywhere close to roots, so there’s no re-growth. 

What’s more, although the overall effect is deep, it’s the perfect subtle update for summer, where hair can occasionally gain highlights naturally anyway. Just make sure you avoid any brassy red or oranges tones making their way in, by washing and conditioning with a dedicated brunette shampoo. Just like blondes have purple shampoo, brunettes can call on blue shampoo to remedy the issue quickly in the same way.