Kitten therapy: A new prescription for stress?

Kitten therapy: A new prescription for stress?
What would happen to your stress levels if you were placed in a glass box... filled with kittens?

When Soul Pancake wanting to make a difference in the lives of unsuspecting participants, they looked to a tried and tested formula – kittens.

After all, who can resist the sweet, unwavering attention of a tiny animal?

The mentality behind the project sought to take stressed adults out of their usual routines and invite them to partake in an experiment that would (hopefully) lift their moods.

The participants were invited to meditate inside a glass box. They were given headphones and told to relax. Soon enough however, the participants were greeted with a special surprise. As the meditation began, tiny kittens were released into the controlled environment.

It’s no secret that confiding in pets provides some much needed fur therapy, after all, we all need someone to vent to. However, using pets in animal-assisted therapy, has been linked to reduction in anxiety, pain and depression in people with varied mental and physical health issues. Pet therapy has been used in hospitals and recovery centres for years, in the treatment of patients undergoing chemotherapy, PTSD sufferers and those going through physical therapy.

So it’s no surprise that these participants recorded lower levels of stress and anxiety upon leaving the kitten therapy box.

“Kitten Therapy” was created by Soul Pancake (the agency co-founded by actor Rainn Wilson) and Purina Tidy Cats. The kittens were from a local shelter and were accompanied by a trainer and shelter representative.

Would you like to see this initiative in your home town?



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