Aotearoa’s world-class King Salmon is the best nourishment for your pet

New Zealand King Salmon farm Omega Plus
Omega Plus pet food is 100% made in Aotearoa from premium King Salmon, farmed in the Marlborough Sounds. This world-class salmon provides first-rate nutrition and nourishment for your pet's body and brain.

Salmon is a superfood we hold in high regard. Since it’s rich in flavour and health benefits, consuming more salmon is a tasty way to up the nutrition in our diets. It’s not often pet food is created using a protein that is so highly valued by humans – that’s why Omega Plus Pet Food, which uses salmon as the number one ingredient across all products in its range, is a cut above.

And it’s not just any salmon that forms the basis of Omega Plus. Their pet food is 100% made in Aotearoa from premium, locally farmed King Salmon. Omega Plus is part of the New Zealand King Salmon company which has many years’ experience farming top-quality salmon. Omega Plus’s salmon is sourced from the Marlborough Sounds, which boasts an optimal environment for rearing thanks to its unique mix of currents, temperature and water quality.

Careful consideration was required to choose New Zealand King Salmon’s sea farm sites. The selected sites allow salmon to grow and thrive – they are adequately separated from each other, are sheltered from wind and waves and have sufficient water flow. The waters are cool and deep, with low variation in temperature and salinity. The result is world-class King Salmon that, thanks to some clever innovation, can be enjoyed by people and pets alike. Omega Plus is created using parts of the salmon that are by-products of processing, such as heads, trimmings, frames and skin, allowing utilisation of the whole fish and reducing waste. Therefore, you know the salmon in your pet’s food is fit for human consumption, and comes with the same taste and health benefits that humans get to enjoy when they eat New Zealand King Salmon.

Omega Plus offers our fur babies wholesome, natural goodness chock full of long-chain omega-3s to support your pet’s body and brain, with flavour that will keep them coming back for more.

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Omega Plus – The Salmon superfood for your pets.

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