Kevin Murphy’s Autumn/Winter hair trends

1. The look for Autumn/Winter this year is pretty and soft with a fluffy texture – more like a blanket of wavy hair, not separated. The hair has a freshly washed look, so throw away your irons and embrace your natural movement.

Try: Motion.Lotion – $32.95, Angel.Wash – $29.95, Hair.Curlers – $24.95

2. It’s not a frizzy season but there will be a bit of volume, which requires a good conditioner and leave in treatment spray. You will also need to have regular hair treatments to look after your hair.

Try: Anti.Gravity – $32.95, Leave-In.Luxury – $32.95 OR Born.Again – $36.95 (150ml), Staying.Alive – $29.95 

3. Hair will be swept back, because more textured looks suit a sleekness around the face. The front of the head will be sleek and deliberately groomed, while the back will be wispy looking and windblown then tied with a hair clip or cute piece of fabric.

Try: Session.Spray – $24.95

4. Silicone straight hair and patchy colours are out so opt for a more natural effect like fine highlights or a semi that is closer to your natural colour, as it will be less impact on your hair and will make it shinier. Go for warmer colours such as adding a little champagne to your blonde or a strawberry hue to your highlights.

Hair ritual

If your hair is in need of a cure and you’re happy to help a great cause, head for a New Zealand Rodney Wayne salon during April and early May. They’re right behind “Ritual for a Cure” – a six week multi-faceted campaign which aims to raise at least $40,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Trust.

Experience a heavenly in-salon KĂ©rastase Ritual Cure and $3 goes to the breast cancer cure cause. Match it with one of three KĂ©rastase Home Care Cures, and 10 per cent of the purchase price goes to the cause – plus you’ll also get a handbag with signature Saben-designed print.