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The wellness routine Kate Winslet can’t get enough of

Image via REUTERS/Luke Macgregor

The wellness routine Kate Winslet can’t get enough of

British beauty Kate Winslet has shared her ultimate wellness routine. The star reveals her go-to healthy snack, favourite form of exercise, beauty fix and more.

The wellness routine Kate Winslet can’t get enough of

How does Kate Winslet, 45-year-old mother-of-three, stay sane, healthy and in shape? The Academy Award-winning actress shared exactly what she does to promote wellbeing.

“These days, I’m a little more health-conscious in terms of thinking about the next 10 years of my life,” she admitted. “[I] want to maximise my physical strength and keep my skin good without doing anything to my face. I do believe that beauty and wellness really reflects in your face, in your eyes, and how you feel. It goes hand in hand with elegance as well. I think a woman that looks well and confident is innately elegant.”

Kate Winslet’s wellness routine

Her go-to breakfast: “I’ll usually make a smoothie”, the star revealed. Quick, easy and healthy.

Her favourite form of fitness: “Power yoga class a couple of times a week, some barre, cardio, and we have a dog, so I love going on walks.”

Her number one health tip: “I drink lots and lots of water! I’m really trying to be healthy.”

Her dietary plan: “Lots of green juicing. Our fridge is always full of spinach, kale, cucumbers. I’m vegetarian and my husband is vegan, so there’s a lot of plant-based focus in our home. My husband turning vegan is relatively recent, so that’s been a really fun education because you have to learn to be a little more inventive with foods.”

Her morning beauty routine: “I do try and quickly grab two minutes to just throw on a tiny bit of makeup, quickly curl the eyelashes, and a do a little bit of lip balm”, she says. “I sometimes will just throw mascara in my pocket, and if that’s as much as I’ll achieve, I’m proud of myself.”

Her essential beauty product: “The Génefique Lancôme line has a really wonderful face mask. It’s a real winner after a really long flight or before a red carpet event”, she explains.

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