Juliet Within – Poem

Juliet Within – Poem
This beautiful, cleverly written Shakespearean-style poem was written by our reader Olivia Christy Manson. She likens her lockdown self, deprived of the world outside her home and all it promises, to Juliet – deprived of her one true love, Romeo. She says, “The poem was written during lockdown, a comparison drawn between Romeo and Juliet, and my own quarantine experience. Desperate to escape, to strike out on my own but at what cost? Aware of the charmed circumstance of my four walls – situated on the beachfront – but frustrated with the constraints.”


Inside she is kept to while and to wait
From his wiles kept pristine by lock and door
A world an oyster enjoyed but a taste
Quarantined from it all and loves allure

A window a way by trellis and might
There possibility to see to meet
Though his presence a poisonous delight
At a distance love incomplete

What use a flower to brighten empty rooms
To remind to tease of a life shut in
A fate by now sealed a stifled bloom
A cloistered rose a thorn in him

Oh but escape in sweet imagining
Freedom within found in Heavenly dream


Gisborne, NZ


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