Julia Roberts reveals her favourite place in Australia. So does George Clooney agree?

Ticket to Paradise - Universal Studios
Ticket to Paradise - Universal Studios
The dynamic duo star in the new movie 'Ticket to Paradise' filmed on the sunny shores of Queensland and New South Wales. 

After ferrying around various film locations, it was time to find out where their favourite spot was. 

When asked where her preferred Aussie place to visit was, Roberts replied ‘Brisbane was great!’ appearing genuinely enthused about the capital city of Queensland. 

Mr. Clooney seemed to be a fan of everywhere, although agreed Brisbane was also a great spot.

‘All of it, I loved. Brisbane, I loved,’ Clooney said. ‘What a a good town. Really sort of alive downtown. We had a really good time,’

Clooney wasn’t only impressed by our landscape.

The star and his family were in Australia during the peak of the country’s pandemic lockdown and praised its ultra-strict policy on isolation as “admirable”.

In fact, he was convinced 900,000 lives would have been saved if America had followed Australia’s Covid response strategy. 

“The idea that you believed in science is so admirable. The whole time I was there I thought, ‘I am so impressed with the people of Australia who said let’s suck this up and get this done’. I was so impressed.” said the star. 





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