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Jewellery trends: The season’s must-have pieces are versatile and vibrant


Rings from the Marco Bicego Jaipur Colour collection.
Rings from the Marco Bicego Jaipur Colour collection.
Versatile pieces, vibrant hues and an invitation to mix and match metals - the latest jewellery trends coming out of Europe all point to playful looks and a more personalised approach.

Orsini Fine Jewellery director Sarah Hutchings always has her finger on the pulse when it comes to jewellery trends. With Orsini carrying pieces from many of Italy’s most exquisite jewellery houses, Hutchings is frequently taking part in meetings with Europe where models showcase the latest looks. She shares with STYLE the trends to know to add a touch of Italian style to your summer outfits.


Versatility is a key trend Hutchings has observed, with brands increasingly offering pieces that the wearer can customise according to their tastes and whims. “Particularly Marco Bicego, with their new Jaipur collection, they have pendants that can be taken off and changed out for different colours,” she explains. The Jaipur collection offers a range of pendants in different looks, from delicate gold pieces subtly decorated with pavé diamonds, to gemstone pendants in a variety of bold colours, to larger pieces that attract the eye with their show-stopping diamonds and gems. They can be clasped onto the links of various necklaces and bracelets. “The links are quite bold, and that is another trend that’s come through as well,” says Hutchings.


Hutchings says one of the main trends coming through from the new collections in Europe is a vibrant and playful use of colour. “I think maybe it’s post-COVID, it’s cheering people up, it’s just bringing a little bit more spontaneity and fun to jewellery collections,” she says. The popularity of Marco Bicego’s colourful Jaipur collection demonstrates that jewellery lovers are seeking out pieces that make use of multiple hues. “That’s selling incredibly well,” says Hutchings. “They’re struggling to keep up with demand and particularly because the jewellery is handcrafted, you can’t just suddenly double production, it’s not possible.” Hutchings has therefore made sure to order these pieces well in advance so her clients don’t miss out.


Hutchings observes that New Zealand women tend to favour white gold jewellery, but Europeans very much prefer yellow and rose gold. “Yellow gold is huge … and I think possibly that could be because it’s more flattering on most skin types.”

But it’s rose gold that’s particularly popular in Europe currently. “When I am on Zoom calls with [Italian jewellery brand] Al Coro, they have looked at the analysis of the sales and, by far, 18-karat rose gold is their biggest seller, followed by yellow gold and very, very poor-selling white gold,” Hutchings says. “Whereas in New Zealand, there’s very much a trend for white gold. That’s definitely not a trend in Europe, which I think is quite interesting for New Zealand customers to realise that, and maybe be a little bit more adventurous.”

The trend towards rose gold is also evident in the latest pieces of fine jewellery from Gucci. “We have got quite a lot of the rose gold that’s coming through now with Gucci. It used to be very much white gold, yellow gold. They’re also finding that the rose gold is becoming more and more popular with women.”

Hutchings says while women here tend to wear one colour of gold at a time, Europe is embracing the style of mixing metals, another example of a more relaxed and creative approach to jewellery post-COVID. “Rose gold, yellow gold, white gold all mixed together, which is again that whole playful nature and having a bit of fun.”


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