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Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist shares the simple steps to recreating her blow dry


Jennifer Aniston

There seems to be no limits to the influence Jennifer Aniston’s hair has.

Long after the face-framing layered style she wore as her character Rachel on 90s sitcom Friends was copied en masse, the way she wears her look still has the ability to inspire us to do the same.

It’s partly to do with the way The Morning Show actress’ style is consistent. Always minimal, effortless and chic, but somehow also modern and current.

Of course, having a professional at hand to style her locks is a considerable advantage.  Her decades-long hairstylist, Chris McMillan, also responsible for the ‘Rachel cut’, has been instrumental to many of Aniston’s looks.

Now, McMillan has offered some very simple tips on how to achieve the smooth, blown-out look the actress favours.

In a ‘throwback’ post on the celebrity hairstylist’s Instagram Aniston is seen sitting in a makeup chair in a white bra-top and high-waisted pants while McMillan angles a blow dryer onto a round brush being smoothed through her locks.

“Love a good blowout. Full but straight,” McMillan wrote on the post before detailing the steps needed to recreate.


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Step 1.

“To achieve this look I take 1 1/2 sections starting at the nape and blowout from towel-dried, freshly shampooed hair.” Surprisingly, he doesn’t add any products to her hair, but instead suggests re-wetting the hair if needed by spritzing with a water bottle.

Step 2.

McMillan suggests using the large round Ibiza Hair Tools brush, saying the dense boar-bristle styling brush “always delivers”, as he angles the blow dryer on to the brush and works through, pulling the brush through each section.

Step 3.

To get a good amount of volume he suggests focusing on lifting hair at the roots while working through and drying the hair.

“Keep it simple, over direct, and the key is to really lift and dry the roots.”

Aniston confirmed her simple hair approach in a recent interview with The Cut website saying she got any hair experimentation out of her system in her younger years.

“I got that out of my system in high school. I did the boysenberry purple, which then turned into this awful copper-red color over time. I would do it myself. Then I cut my hair really short and I shaved it on the sides. I do not have a face for any of that. I just stick with what works; if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. ”






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