Jennifer Aniston Shares the Secret to Healthy, Radiant Skin at Any Age


Jennifer Aniston Shares the Secret to Healthy, Radiant Skin at Any Age
The actress has revealed how she looks after her skin and wellbeing.

With her always-glowing skin and radiant smile, it’s hard to believe that actress Jennifer Aniston is already in her 50s. So how does the actress keep her skin in tip-top condition while balancing a hectic schedule? 

Recently in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the actress revealed that her healthy skin and radiant glow is a combination of various things including her lifestyle, skincare and good genes. “I inherited good skin from my dad,” the actress admitted. Aniston also offered the following tips for keeping skin youthful and healthy.

Balance Your Biome 

The importance of the skin’s microbiome has been in the spotlight in recent months and it appears that Aniston is a proponent of caring for the microbiome. “The whole thing is fascinating to me,” said Aniston. The actress likes to try and use products that contain probiotics which can help keep the skin’s microbiome in balance, and in turn, promote healthy and resilient skin. 

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Healthy Living Should Be a Lifestyle

It’s best to forget about crash diets and embrace a healthy approach to living says Aniston. “I do believe when you are eating sugar and bad food, your face, body and energy levels will show you the results of that,” she says. For her, healthy eating is a way of life. “I don’t feel deprived by it because I will also indulge,” she adds. 

She Swears by Avocado, Asparagus and Ginger

Aniston loves an antioxidant-rich diet when it comes to skin health. “I love avocado,” she says. Aniston will sometimes have a whole avocado for lunch. “Put a little olive oil on that, a little salt and pepper. It’s so delicious and it’s so good for us,” the actress explains. “Ginger is great for antioxidants, asparagus too,” she adds.  

Find a Workout You Love

Boxing used to be Aniston’s passion until she broke her wrist a couple of years ago. “Then I had to get creative,” she says. The actress suggests finding something that shocks your bod a little. “I see people in a gym, and they’re on an elliptical and they’re mindlessly moving and they think, ‘Oh, I just finished an hour. Check.’ It’s not going to do it.”

Detox from the Digital World

Switching off is important to Aniston and she says it’s something she does on a daily basis. She suggests not touching your phone for a good hour each day. “It makes such a difference,” she says. “If you don’t have anything that’s pressing, an hour is not going to hurt not to look at it.

Treat Yourself to a Facial

“I love facials and I change up my facialist,” Aniston says. While she admits she has a list of facialists that are her go-tos – Georgia Louise in New York; Melanie Simon in Montecito, California; and Joanna Czech – she says it’s good to mix things up. 

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