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Five minutes with: Jeff Losito

By Milly Nolan

We question Jeff Losito, Bioelements International Training Director, about the latest Biolements products and treatments and his first-hand knowledge of the professional skin care industry, on MiNDFOOD.

Tell me about the Bioelements’ new Luteine Indoor Protective Crème?

It’s a protective day cream, but what’s really unique about it is that it’s made with marigold extract that protects your skin. It’s kind of like a sunscreen for indoors as it filters out the blue rays from fluorescent lighting and computer screens. It also protects you from artificial heating or air conditioning. There are actually just as many indoor assaults than there are outside.

Another new product from Bioelements is the V-Neck Smoothing Crème. Is this similar to anything else on the market?

The Bioelements V-Neck Smoothing Crème is very new and unique. It fights what happens to our chest and our neck as we age and is preventative against ageing also. It has algae in it, which stimulates the skin cells and the pièce de résistance ingredient in this product is hyaluronic acid, which plumps the lines up. In spas, we have incorporated a v-neck firming mask into our treatments that is applied during the mask phase of the facial. It has a clay in it that stimulates collagen production, firms and lifts and moisturises all one shot.

Is the skin on your neck different to that on your face?

The v-area of the neck is so different from the skin on your face. Think of your face as being three sheets of paper and your neck and chest area as one piece of paper. You also have fewer oil glands in the neck and chest area so it’s going to show your age much quicker than your face will. Someone can have nice, beautiful skin on his or her face but the skin on their hands and their chest will really show their true age.

Can you tell me about the new Biolements lactic peel spa treatment?

We have also recently come up with a 30 per cent organic lactic peel which gets great results. We can use it five different ways with different strengths; mixing other Bioelements oil products into it. There are a lot of people that have too sensitive skin for glycolic so this one is good for them.

What does the lactic peel do?

Well it’s applied in the exfoliation phase during a facial. After we have determined what the client’s main concerns are and what they want to achieve, we will determine what strength we want to use. Basically there are four layers of skin that the esthetician works on.

The top layer’s called the stratum-cornea and our job is to get as much of this off as possible, but evenly, so the skin looks brighter and cleaner and the lines look less noticeable, and the pores look smaller, too. And afterwards your products will work better as they are more easily absorbed into the skin. Your skin will glow after a peel.

Some people say you shouldn’t use peels. What’s your response to this?

It really depends on what type of peel you’re having. With the lactic peel, there are no concerns. There are specific questions that we ask, for example we make sure the client isn’t using retinol products and we also insist that they use a really good sunblock afterwards.

How did Bioelements begin?

Bioelements is a line that was developed by Barbara Solomon in 1990. She was one of the first licensed estheticians in the United States. People kept coming to her for formulas so she decided to create her own line. Bioelements is a natural line – there are no artificial fragrances or colours and we’re virtually paraben-free.

What is your best tip for keeping skin youthful?

I’d encourage parents to make sure their kids are wearing a good sunscreen because most sun damage is done before you’re 20 years old. And to also start applying products young. It’s not about a lot of products but about basic skincare – you should cleanse, tone, moisturise every day and you protect your skin from the sun.


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