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Japan to resume whaling next year

Japan to resume whaling next year

Despite widespread international condemnation, Japan are set to resume whaling in 2015 for a "new research program".

Japan to resume whaling next year

It’s no secret that many countries still believe that Japan’s desire for whaling extends past scientific research purposes. The country is famous for offering whale meat in its high end restaurants.

The country plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic next year, despite an international whaling conference voted against the idea on Thursday.

The International Whaling Commission recently decided that Japan should not continue their whaling program because “it isn’t for research purposes.” This is due to widespread beliefs among the international community that Japan is using the program for “commercial purposes” such as producing meat and oil.

But Japan insist they are launching a new research program that will comply with the UN’s stringent conditions.

The Whaling Commission’s concerns extend to the practice in itself; typically, whales take about 10-35 minutes to die a slow and painful death.

Earlier this year, two LA chefs were convicted after they were caught serving endangered whale meat at their restaurant on three separate occasions.



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