Jamie Oliver calls on Australian Government to curb childhood obesity


Image: Jamie's Super Food
Image: Jamie's Super Food
Food revolutionary, Jamie Oliver, calls on Australia to do more in tackling childhood obesity.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has been progressing in leaps and bounds throughout the world, as Oliver calls on Australia to follow suit.

The UK chef, and star of the upcoming Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics, said his revolution is far from complete, as he continues to push for governments around the world to implement strategies that will improve the health of their citizens.

“At the moment on the political side there’s seemingly nothing bubbling away at the moment but I think there’s loads more the Aussie government could do,” he said.

“But they seem to be very anti anything like a sugar tax which France does and Mexica and the UK. Ireland apparently will be (introducing) it in the next couple of months and Canada is debating the sugar tax at the moment.

“We push and we ramp up when we feel there’s a chance to make a difference. The story goes on in Australia.”

Jamie is urging the government to step up and implement better education in school, greater access to fresh, affordable food, and regulate sugar inclusions in big-brand items – especially soft drink and other sugary beverages.

Jamie Oliver had successfully spearheaded a campaign to implement a sugar tax in his native UK, after meeting with MP’s to discuss the wider implications of the nation’s obsession with sugary drinks.

“We should work out who is running the country. Is it businesses – who are profiting from ill health in our country – or is it us?”said Oliver.

He added that the tax would “remind [manufacturers] who is boss. And that is child health and the government.”

Oliver implored the government to make the right decision, when it comes to the health of future generations and that by enacting the right policy, MP’s would prove they are willing “to fight tooth and nail for public health, and especially children’s health”.

The celebrity chef has headed back to school, studying nutrition to help him have a greater understanding of the complex relationship between food and our health.

Asked what he thought about fad diets, or the best recipe for health, he responded: “Ultimately, the cleverest people or the most trusted people in the world say no specific diet — and I’m referring to fad diets — work long term. It needs to be sustainable.

“Really, with the exception of hydrogenated fats, you can make a home for everything in your diet in your week.”

What do you think about introducing a sugar tax in your country?



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