Five minutes with Bernard Hickin

By Joelle Thomson

In conversation with Bernard Hickin, Chief Winemaker for well-known wine brand Jacob’s Creek, by MiNDFOOD.

MiNDFOOD: How long have you been making Jacob’s Creek wines? 

I started working with Orlando Wines, which produces Jacob’s Creek wines in 1976. It was 1976 that we launched Jacob’s Creek with the 1973 vintage release.

As an Orlando Wines winemaker over the last 32 years, I have seen and been involved in the evolution of the Jacob’s Creek portfolio of wines.

Where are the top three markets for the enormous global wine brand that is Jacob’s Creek? 

The United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States of America are our major markets.

Which wine is the most popular of the range?

Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet was first launched back in 1976, and today it’s still the most popular wine globally from the Jacob’s Creek portfolio, followed by Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay.

The Jacob’s Creek Reserve Range is our premium range and is growing rapidly in popularity around the world, with the Reserve Shiraz being the stand out favourite.

Why do you think these are the most popular wines? 

These two wines uphold the winemaking values of Jacob’s Creek; they have the flavour of Australian wine, they taste of the grape varieties they are made from, and are consistent in style from one year to the next. And they deliver on price.

Where to next? Are the new and quirky wines in the range a permanent thing or one-offs? 

Wine drinkers are looking for new and interesting wines to taste, and the Jacob’s Creek Three Vines Range allows the consumer to taste three grapes that are relatively new in their mindsets with the tempranillo, sangiovese and viognier.

Which one is your favourite for drinking? 

My favourite is the Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz, a signature Australian shiraz that has intense fruit flavours at an affordable price.


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