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Is This The Ultimate Tech Accessory of 2018?

Is This The Ultimate Tech Accessory of 2018?

Incredible features will transform your daily life.

Is This The Ultimate Tech Accessory of 2018?

For most of us, all the new generation phones coming through don’t differ too much on basic features: we make calls, send messages and check our social media. But what does elevate a phone above the crowd is the camera, which makes the new Google Pixel 2 the hot new celebrity of the phone world.

Google Pixel 2 can boast of having the world’s highest-rated smartphone camera, and it is nothing short of spectacular. There’s a huge amount of easy-to-use options: you can opt for a crisp portrait or one with a background blur. You can video and take photos in any light, including dimly lit rooms and at sunset, with picture-perfect quality. There’s also a handy feature called fused video stabilisation, which means even if you’re dancing a jig, the video looks like you have the world’s steadiest hand.

And don’t tell anyone, but the camera has a built-in retouching feature that helps you get rid of blotches, pimples or scratches. Of course, it’s not just the camera that makes the Google Pixel 2 so impressive – there’s free, unlimited online storage for photos and videos taken with Pixel in Google Photos. It also has a battery that lasts up to seven hours from 15 minutes of charge.

Pixel users are also the first to try Google Lens, a new set of visual smarts that help you learn about the world. And last, but certainly not least, you have your own personal Google built-in. So if you need to know something just say “Ok Google”.

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