Is chocolate milk the new sports drink?

By Maria Kyriacou

Is chocolate milk the new sports drink?
Chocolate milk is the new ‘gold standard’ for recovering from a workout, according to sports nutritionist

Protein powders and sports drinks may not be the way to go for refueling your body after working out.

Cornell University is urging its student athletes to drink low-fat chocolate milk instead, similar to the ones sold in school canteens.

“The composition of low-fat chocolate milk is probably the gold standard for a recovery beverage,” said Clint Wattenberg, Cornell’s current coordinator of sports nutrition.

When Wattenberg began working at the university he discovered most athletes did not have a post-workout recovery plan and that they were under-fueling or overeating afterwards.

“Bridging the fueling gaps throughout the day is really a critical component to an effective performance nutrition plan that student-athletes aren’t very well-suited to manage, especially their first year on campus,” he said.

The former professional wrestler created the Big Red Refuel drink with another former Cornell alumnus, Jason Huck and liaised with the University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

The final smooth-tasting drink was is a result of Wattenberg’s research, containing the optimal amount of protein for muscle recovery for the average athlete. Any further protein was found to have a negative effect, being stored as body fat.

The milk is sourced from a local dairy, and it seems this kind of collaboration is gaining popularity in other areas of the United States. The faculty and students dedicated to protein research at North Carolina State have created a similar drink called the “Power Pack”, while “Bucky Fuel” is a Wisconsin Dairy’s offering to its local University Football team.

Next on the agenda for the Cornell team is creating a fruit yoghurt smoothie and yoghurt.

Will you be swilling some chocolate milk after your next workout?




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