Investment Opportunities That Work as Hard as You Do


Investment Opportunities That Work as Hard as You Do
We’re all living a busy life, and in the hustle and bustle it can be easy to let your finances fall by the wayside. However, if you want your money to work harder for you, Milford Asset Management can help. No matter what your goals, they have an investment solution to suit your needs.

Life can be a juggling act –one that can take a lot of time, thought, planning and attention to manage well. With a head full of ‘must-do’ daily tasks and only so much that can be done in a day, we’re often left with a long list of things we never quite get around to. Those niggly things that pop into our head when we’re trying to get to sleep – like our financial situation, and how we could make our money work harder for us, if only we had the time to look into it.

Finding the right balance to be successful at work, happy in our relationships and able to be there for our children, family and friends is something we all strive for. Sometimes we triumph seamlessly, other times the responsibilities and challenges stack up and we find ourselves wishing we had someone we could trust to call on for help and advice. Having a trusted partner who can provide support and guidance is a great comfort. You can’t put a price on peace of mind when it comes to feeling like you’ve got your finances under control.

Working alongside you when life gets hectic, Milford can help you tick off some of the financial and investment boxes and take some of that weight off your mind. It’s a busy old world out there – but by working alongside you, the award-winning investment experts at Milford Asset Management will invest your money in exactly the same funds as their own, striving to achieve strong returns and hopefully a better night’s sleep.

Finding the right solution for your short and long term financial goals

If your savings goals are likely to be short-term – such as saving for a car or holiday – it makes sense to keep that money in a bank savings account. But if you’re in a position to take a longer-term view, perhaps investing in an education fund for your children or providing for yourself or your family in retirement, you’ll want to get higher returns so you can really grow your savings. In order to achieve this, you need to invest in higher returning assets, eg. shares. Since shares are more volatile in the short term, you’d endure this tradeoff in order to recoup more money in the future. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the terms and jargon involved with investing, but
partnering with an expert investor like Milford can take the hard work out of the equation for you. They have an award-winning range of investment solutions designed to help you achieve your financial goals, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter.

Investment funds

Investment funds have been used by New Zealanders for a while now – and KiwiSaver funds are the most popular form of investment funds, with three million of us investing. The ability to tap into your fund manager’s investment expertise in order to grow your savings or generate a regular income can provide a very positive outcome for investors. Milford’s Investment Funds include a range of funds that span the broad risk-and-return spectrum. With multiple funds available, and help from their experts as needed, you’ll be able to easily find a match that suits you and your situation. To manage your investment risk as effectively as possible, all Milford Investment Funds offer deep diversification across many different holdings and asset classes. By not putting all your eggs in one basket – quite the opposite, in fact – they reduce your risk. And to ensure that your savings work as hard as you do, all Milford Investment Funds are actively managed. Dedicated fund managers and expert analysts review and re-evaluate the fund’s performance, whilst researching new investment opportunities that others may not see. It’s no wonder people are so pleasantly surprised when they join Milford!


When considering how best to save for your retirement, or reviewing your existing KiwiSaver scheme, the award-winning Milford KiwiSaver Plan is a front-runner in both performance and customer satisfaction. They were ranked the No. 1 growth fund over the last decade in Morningstar’s latest survey, and were rated No. 1 in Consumer NZ’s People’s Choice Award. So you can rest assured that your retirement savings will be expertly managed.

Investing responsibly

Milford is a New Zealand and staff owned company that takes pride in investing responsibly, incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance considerations into all investment decisions, and working with investment companies to drive positive change. Established in 2003 and providing investment funds since 2007, Milford has over $8 billion of funds under management.

Staying up to date

It’s important you’re kept up to date and informed on the companies you’ve invested in, and the rationale behind it. Milford has developed an online client portal, available 24/7, that enables investors to get the latest information on their investment performance, access monthly reports and commentary, and manage their investment accounts.

Supporting Kiwi Communities

Mindful of their wider community and taking care of people, Milford partners with a number of philanthropic charities such as 0800 What’s Up, Blind & Low Vision NZ, the Graeme Dingle Foundation and MoneyTime. By investing back into New Zealand, they’re directly supporting the growth and development of the community.

Always there

Milford takes great pride in offering an excellent service. You can have complete confidence that there will always be someone available to you, to answer any questions
you may have and to guide you through any subsequent steps. When considering your financial goals, take a look at Milford and discover a wealth of expertise and opportunities.
Please call us on 0800 662 345 Or visit


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