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Five minutes with: Tony Bauman


MiNDFOOD speaks to guru makeup artist and Head of Colour at Mecca Cosmetica, Tony Bauman, about his favourite beauty products, top beauty tips and how to avoid makeup blunders, on MiNDFOOD.

What does a typical day for you involve?

My day is varied from training, marketing, inventory, product development, PR and most importantly working on the floor (which is my favourite).

What are your top beauty product must-haves?

1 Cleansing Oil – nothing removes makeup better. Oil breaks down makeup and grime on your skin and leaves it so clean yet hydrated. My favorites are Utowa Cleansing Oil, Cinq Mondes Pate de Fleur. Apply to dry skin, massage in then splash a little water on to emulsify. Rinse with water and your skin will never feel cleaner.

2 Nars Makeup Primer – plumps up your hydration levels, soothes redness, helps with oil control and works as a binding agent for your foundation to adhere to. There is nothing this product can’t do. It’s like a vitamin cocktail for your skin.

3 Utowa Eye Lash Curler – they curl quicker and more affectively than any other. This amazing Japanese brand has nailed the technology for the ultimate beauty tool. Just tilt your head back and scoop up your lashes at the base. Pump firmly up to five times then release. Repeat this process half way down the lash shaft to give an even curl rather than a bend.

4 Kevin Aucion Volume Mascara – this award winning formula has shrink wraps that encircle each lash. It’s true black in colour, glides through lashes with ease and does not drop or break down at all. To remove just use a little warm water.

5 By Terry Bronze Expert – the most divine liquid bronzer that you can use all over. Because it’s liquid it dries down to a radiant luminous finish and does not leave your skin looking flat like powder bronzers can. Looks great with or without foundation. Shade 1 will suit most complexions

6 Stila Convertible Cream Blush in Gerbra – the perfect soft peach to warm up your skin. Smile and then pat and press onto the apples of your cheeks. Convertible blush once dry still looks dewy and it’s almost like it’s your own skin but better.

What is your top beauty tip?

My biggest beauty tip is simply wear the right foundation. Make sure you have the best formulation for your needs. It can be so overwhelming for clients as there is so much choice out there. I love working at Mecca because we have only the best brands from all over the world to play with. There is no skin condition or concern we can’t cater for. We take the guess work out of it for our clients and finding that perfect base is our mission.

On the days when your skin is lacking in vitality and you generally feel a bit “blah”, what would you recommend for a an instant fix?

For lifeless skin exfoliate with Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion In A Jar. It mimics microdermabrasion with tiny diamond shaped particles that don’t break down with water. Gently rub in circular motions over wet skin to sloth off dull flat skin, pat dry then apply a generous amount of Prescriptives Super Flight Cream, usually two layers will do it. The Dr Brandt will give get rid off dull dry dull skin then the Prescriptives cream will plump your skin out with the most divine sheen and glow

What look do you love at the moment?

The look I love at the moment is the return of black liner. It can be winged, blunt or even squared off. Bring out the inner diva with Kevin Aucion Black Liner. Pure black, glides on like a dream then lasts like no other.

In your mind, what is the biggest makeup blunder a woman can make?

The biggest mistake is wearing the wrong base (it’s all about the base). It’s the difference between looking amazing or just made up. Foundation that is too dark is the most common mistake. People think that going darker can give them a healthy tanned look but if you travel too far from your natural colour it can make you look flat, muddy and older. Always stay close to your base then build with colour.

What should no woman leave the house without?

You should never leave home without pressed powder. The biggest beauty myth is powder is drying and can look too heavy. Formulations now allow you to sweep the finest textured powders at any time to triple the life of your foundation. They are designed to absorb any excess oil or moisture from the complexion without changing the finish. Stila Sheer Pressed Powder is the finest and will win over any powder sceptics.

What is the next big thing in beauty?

The next big thing in beauty for me is meeting the founder of the brand By Terry. She is the most absolute brilliant master of all things colour. Terry has single handedly changed the world through her unique approach to cosmetics.

It must be the best in all aspects of what a product should deliver. The smell, the texture, the application the longevity and most important the look! She will be in Australia next month for four days and for me it is like being flung into the universe to meet the oracle of beauty.

We will be launching some new amazing products from By Terry and I predict the Eclate Opulent foundation is going to be one of the biggest beauty hits this year. One shade fits all, lifting, brightening, plumping and no matter how harsh the light you cannot see it. Simply divine.


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