Five minutes with: Jean-Louis Gueret

What was your job description when you joined L’Oreal in 1971?

I have a marketing background and started at L’Oreal as a trainee product manager. After a year, there was an opportunity for me to create new marketing concepts. All the mascara brushes at this time were synthetic. They were like screws with big gaps in them so that the lashes would fall between the bristles, creating gluggy lashes.

In 1982 I created the smallest mascara brush in the world, LancĂ´me Scylocil, and then the break through came in 1986 when I created what I call the “clever” or “dynamic” brush that could finally meet all the marketing claims. It was a revolution because this creation gave freedom to the [mascara] formula.

LancĂ´me Oscillation is the world’s first auto-vibrating mascara by micro-oscillation. What was your inspiration behind the revolutionary idea?

We wanted to replicate the exact gesture of the zig-zag motion that professional make-up artists use [to apply mascara]. If you can imagine making a fork with two fingers and you put the lash in between those fingers and you wiggle them, you will see that you are wrapping the formula 360 degrees all around the lashes.

That is how micro-oscillation works. It is the longitudinal, micro-oscillating movement of the brush, performing no less than 7000 vibrations per minute, which wraps around the lashes making them longer and fuller. With standard mascara, because there are no vibrations, the lashes fall between the teeth of the brush rather than being coated completely.

How is Oscillation different to other mascaras?

Every mascara does something good for the lashes but with this mascara you are in another world. I want to explain something to you – this mascara replaces no other. This mascara has created a new beauty gesture because the brush is doing the job for you.

You don’t need to brush your lashes as your were so randomly before. It was very difficult to obtain the same look every day [with regular mascara]  – sometimes you would find that the mascara was sticking, sometimes it was clogging – it was a fight.

But with this mascara we have created a unique gesture made for all the women in the world, no matter what type of lashes [they have]. Oscillation is made for all lashes of the world because the brush is doing all the work. It’s a revolution.

How do you apply Oscillation?

You start [by holding the mascara brush] at the base of the lashes and you push the button [to generate the micro-oscillation] and then you move [the brush] very, very slowly stretching your lashes upwards very, very slowly.

And you can coat seven layers if you want. It only takes one minute for high colour, high shape and perfect organisation of the lashes. It is something completely different. It is the best of LancĂ´me. Other mascaras are doing a good job but this one is very different.

What was the biggest hurdle in developing this vibrating mascara?

The most difficult thing was to transmit the oscillation movement to the applicator. That is, to produce the exact zig-zag effect used by professional makeup artists. I spent many hours practicing on my own lashes.

LancĂ´me are pioneers in mascara. You need that kind of experience to have a good [mascara] formula. We travelled up the mountain to see ahead of the times while others stayed in the valley. All the expertise behind LancĂ´me allowed us to be six years ahead of everybody. Every woman will love this mascara.

In your view, what is the most remarkable effect this mascara has on the lashes?

Once more I tell you – it is the fact that we have invented a new gesture that every women can have. This mascara heralds a new era in lash make-up. All she has to do is surf the lashes with the brush.

The second fact is that the woman can wear the mascara the way she wants it. She can spread and stretch [the lashes], she can build volume, she can apply many, many coats.

With one coat and one stroke you get a natural look; three or four coats and you get a dramatic look. This mascara is really amazing but you have to rethink the way you put on mascara. It contradicts with the way normal mascaras work. You need to let the brush and the vibrations do the work for you.

Can you explain the UFD formula?

I’m not a technical person so I wont give you a crazy explanation. This is a new formula that has very fine particles. Because of the longitudinal oscillation we needed the formula to give a very smooth and thin layer on the lashes, coating them 360 degrees. The finer the formula, the smoother the application. You can see the shade going onto the lashes immediately and it always looks even.

Now that a vibrating mascara has been conquered, what is next?

We are at the beginning of a great switch for the future of mascara. The longitudinal oscillation we have created for LancĂ´me is on the same revolution as when cake mascara became automatic in the 1960s with the wand-brush.

We are working on plenty of new mascara concepts although it will take many years to improve what we have already revolutionised. You ask what is next but first we must optimise what is Oscillation.

Time to sparkle


Adding colour to your cheeks is a quick way to bring a dull complexion back to life. This season, cheeks should look naturally flushed using soft pink- or peach-toned blushers.

Apply the colour across the apple of your cheek to create a just-been-pinched look. If you can’t find the apple of your cheek, look in the mirror and smile: it’s the “pillow” created.

If you add too much colour, tone it down with translucent powder. To achieve a bronzed look, sweep bronzing powder over your cheeks.


It’s official: red is summer’s hottest shade. Look for red lipsticks and glosses with black undertones, such as plum, raspberry and cherry.

For a perfectly painted pout, trace the outer edges of your lips with lip liner to define your lips and prevent your lipstick bleeding. Paint the entire lip area with the lip liner to ensure you’re not left with an obvious line when your lipstick fades.

Finally, apply your lipstick with a brush. For a more muted look use your fingertips.


The first step to achieving a fresh-faced look is to select the right shade of foundation and concealer.

Give your complexion an extra lift with a primer – it will add a radiant glow to your skin.

Cover blemishes with a firm concealer, such as a stick, and use a creamy liquid concealer for dark under-eye circles.

Apply your foundation lightly and blend well, particularly around the jawline. Fix your foundation with translucent powder using a volumious brush for a barely-there effect.


To get the look, prep the eyelid with a primer or oil-free foundation. Apply eyeliner to the upper and lower lash lines.

Next, apply a light base eye shadow colour over the lid from your lash to your browbone.

Using the base colour as a guide, choose a slightly darker shade.

Start at your lash line and blend the colour up. Don’t go above the crease line that’s created when your eye is open. For added drama apply the darker shade to the bottom lash line.

Finish with several coats of volumising mascara.


The endless whirl of parties during the festive season can take its toll on even the most organised social butterfly’s beauty regimen.

A glowing complexion is one of the best party accessories, while smooth and supple skin will provide the perfect base for applying make-up.

To achieve this, Bobbi Brown, MiNDFOOD’s exclusive beauty columnist, suggests a daily skincare routine that ensures a fresh-faced glow throughout the holiday season.


Resist the impulse to jump straight into bed after a night out. Removing your make-up is a must if you want your skin to look fresh the next morning.

Follow your normal nightime routine and prop your head up with more than one pillow during the night to avoid puffy eyes the next day. For an extra boost while you sleep, apply a nourishing face oil, such as Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Capsules, RRP $49.


The latest toner formulas are alcohol free and don’t strip the skin of its protective natural oils. A toner can clean away the last remnants of oil that your cleanser may have missed. Try LancĂ´me Tonique Douceur, RRP $64.


To give your partied-out complexion a boost, use a mask once a week. Clay masks draw out impurities from the pores. Hydrating masks, such as Chanel PrĂŠcision Anti-Fatigue Gel Mask (RRP $90), contain essential oils or glycerin to give moisture back to the skin and leave it feeling soft . Glycolic acid masks exfoliate and help unclog pores.


These concentrated liquids are typically packed with vitamin C and other skin-nourishing nutrients that work to improve the skin’s appearance and help prevent visible signs of ageing. Apply a serum, such as La Prairie Anti-Ageing Longevity Serum (RRP $365), after cleansing and before moisturising.


The heat of summer can leave skin feeling extra oily and prone to break-outs. Use an exfoliant, such as EstĂŠe Lauder So Polished Exfoliating Scrub (RRP $65), at least once a week to ensure the party season’s grime, sweat and make-up has been scrubbed away. Look for a product that’s designed specially for the face.


Nothing says glamour like well manicured nails in a rich new shade. Add a few coats of chip-resistant polish an hour before you head out the door. Black nails are still fashionable this season while all shades of red, including berry and plum, are proving to be popular for summer. Try O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Petersburgundy, RRP $23.


• It’s best to start with a small amount of foundation and build up coverage in stages. Less is always more.

• Blending your foundation is imperative. Make sure your neck and dĂŠcolletage match the shade of your face.

• Apply your make-up in a well-lit space and look in more than one mirror to ensure a flawless result.

• The right tools can make a big difference to make-up application. Keep brushes and sponges clean and make sure pencils and liners are sharp.

• Apply primer to your skin before moisturiser and foundation to ensure your make-up lasts through the night while giving your complexion extra radiance.

• To stay looking fresh, day and night, slip some make-up remover wipes, cottonwool buds and concealer in your handbag for on-the-run touch-ups.

• The morning after a night of excess, splash your face with cool water to boost circulation to the skin. Moisturise well. Use brightening eye drops to treat tired-looking bloodshot eyes.

• Spritz your skin throughout the day with a reviving spray to keep it hydrated.

• Drink water, and lots of it, during the party season to prevent dehydration.

• If exhaustion starts to show, hide dark under-eye circles with a creamy concealer.


If you’re stepping straight from the office into the night, you can still achieve dramatic results.

First, freshen your make-up with pre-moistened wipes. If you don’t have time to re-apply all of your make-up, remove your eye make-up only and apply a darker eye shadow and eye liner.

Touch up any imperfections with a dab of concealer and apply foundation, only where needed, using a brush or your fingertips. A sweep of bronzing powder along the bridge of your nose and cheeks adds an instant glow while blusher will highlight your cheekbones.

Finally, refresh your face and “set” your make-up with a hydrating spray, such as Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Refreshing Spray, RRP $55.