Inside the June edition, special self-empowerment issue, of MiNDFOOD


Inside the June edition, special self-empowerment issue, of MiNDFOOD
Take an exclusive first look inside our June edition of MiNDFOOD, a special self-empowerment special with actress Melissa McCarthy on the cover.

COVER STORY: Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy has Hollywood at her feet as she continues to rake in the big box office numbers. MiNDFOOD speaks to the comedy queen about still getting starstruck and why working with her husband is such a dream.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT: Just the way you are

When beauty ideals are unattainable and accepted definitions of success all but impossible to achieve, it’s becoming harder than ever to accept or even like ourselves for who we are. But striving for a positive body image and healthy self-esteem is important for more than just a happier life – it could also ward off more serious mental health issues ahead.

COMMUNITY: A war that rages on

While the war between North and South Vietnam wound down four decades ago, many in Vietnam still suffer in the aftermath of the conflict. Nowhere is this more obviously seen than in the horrific effects of the US Army’s Agent Orange campaign, which are still being felt today by children and adults alike.


Diet deficiencies have been linked to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. To try to minimise such symptoms as inattention and impulsivity, changing what you eat may make a positive difference.

BEAUTY: NEW Age philosophy

MiNDFOOD explores three cutting-edge beauty innovations that are looking past the superficial fix and digging deep into the physiology of ageing to benefit the health of skin, body and hair in the long-term.

PSYCHOLOGY: It’s all about you

In a society where narcissism seems to be rife, MiNDFOOD’s resident psychologist explains that putting yourself first may be the best move – for everyone.

TRAVEL: Latin Flavour

MiNDFOOD’s editor-in-chief Michael McHugh travels to Buenos Aires and discovers why Argentina’s capital is such a hotbed of inspiring style and cuisine – plus, the secret to the perfect empanada.

FOOD: In Season Apples & Winter warmers

Diced, sliced or pureed, the humble apple stars in four comfortingly delicious dishes for winter. Plus, get set for cooler months with hearty, wholesome meals.

MiNDFOOD June 2015 issue,on sale May 11 in New Zealand, May 14 in Australia
For an interview with editor-in-chief Michael McHugh, please contact (AUS) Steve on (02) 9318 1300 or [email protected] (NZ) Phillipa on (09) 362 0770 or [email protected]


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