MiNDFOOD Exclusive: Inside NASA and The Martian

By Michele Manelis

Mars Rover on simulated martian terrain.
Mars Rover on simulated martian terrain.
We road test a Mars Rover on simulated terrain, visit mission control and check out the technology behind The Martian movie.

A day at NASA is a bit like being in an adult Disneyland. And being here on a behind-the-scenes trip for the Golden Globe-winning movie, The Martian, makes for an exciting trip, as the photos and filmed segments will attest.

Sitting at Mission Control and watching launch controller technicians ready themselves for take-off of the Cygnus spacecraft containing cargo to resupply the International Space Station was a once in a lifetime experience. The lighter side of the afternoon’s activities including being driven around on the Mars Rover on simulated Mars terrain to be tested for a Mars mission, as well as and speaking to the chef who designs meals for the astronauts. Their culinary intake in space has come a long way since the days of Apollo 11 (1969) in which the astronauts dined on canned goods from the local supermarket such as macaroni cheese without much opportunity for intake of fresh fruit and vegetables as they do these days.

A day at NASA proved to be an educational and entertaining experience.

The Martian, one of the most compelling movies of 2015 is available for download on 20 January and on DVD or Blu-ray in Australia on 10 February and New Zealand 3 February.

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