Inside MiNDFOOD New Zealand, January/February 2019

Inside MiNDFOOD New Zealand, January/February 2019

Make this the year of the hobby

By MiNDFOOD Editor-in-Chief Michael McHugh

Ever wanted to learn a foreign language? Do it. Become a part-time potter, plant a garden, or start collecting orchids? Why not? Start craft afternoons, learn the piano or ukulele, join a club, exercise, meet new people, discuss ideas – and above all, start planning your travel and holidays for 2019. Why not? It’s up to you to put in place the time and energy to get started. Who knows where this new hobby and energy could lead? Start putting in place those things you have always dreamed of doing, and make this the year of actually setting aside the time to do them.

I have started painting again. Many, many years ago I attended art school, and have painted throughout the years – and then, with the launch of MiNDFOOD and creating the business, it just seemed to stop. Yes, I was busy, but I just couldn’t seem to get back to it and dedicate any time to painting. This year I made the decision to embrace the things that really make me happy and lose the things that just seem to create more problems. Perhaps all I wanted was a simpler life, or to just get back in touch with what makes me happy – and that’s why 2019 seems like a good year to make the year of the hobby.

We often start each year with such hope and vision, but by the time our holidays are over and we are back into our routines of work, we have forgotten those wonderful promises that we made to ourselves at the start of the year to re-engage and begin something new. But not this year, readers. Make sure you write down what you want to achieve and keep in mind the things you want to start (and finish) this year.

There are so many stories in this issue to shake up the brain cells and get you thinking:

Start the New Year with the annual MiNDFOOD Future Trends Report, from redefining gender to rethinking language, this year’s insights are sure to change the way you think and live. Find out why Nicole Kidman feels more secure in her beliefs and what life’s really like when the cameras aren’t rolling and it’s just her, Keith and the kids. Take a trip around New Zealand, from Auckland to Dunedin, as we discover the tastes, sounds and sights of this beautiful country. Plus, try our fresh, healthy holiday recipes and get a heads up on the best beauty buys in 2019. 

Make sure that your 2019 is full of potential, lots of laughter and fun, and a hobby.

Enjoy your holidays.

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