Inside MiNDFOOD Australia, May 2019


Inside MiNDFOOD Australia, May 2019

Peace & Love

By MiNDFOOD Editor-in-Chief Michael McHugh

Like you, I have felt angry and disappointed, frustrated and incredibly lost with what has happened in Christchurch on March 15. I feel inadequate to add my voice to many others with an opinion that is only based on what I have seen and read, what I have watched and the chat among colleagues. 

We have run so many different stories over the years at MiNDFOOD about people from different cultures and backgrounds with unique and engaging life experiences. We have learnt much about different races and ideology and at the same time, we have learnt much about ourselves along the way.

What happened in Christchurch has made me feel completely lost. I don’t have a benchmark to gauge what I’m feeling. Our community has changed forever. There is much to consider and at times it is difficult not to feel hopeless, confused, and angry. It’s okay to not know what to say, or to stumble when trying to find the right words, or to have your thinking moved and changed – perhaps forever. We have been shaken and our basic principles in life challenged.

Our resolve must be to learn from this, to listen to each other and build on perhaps new thinking within our community. We are not alone, we have each other and now we must question, discuss and heal. 

In the May issue of MiNDFOOD we share our readers’ stories of heartache, healing and hope as we gain a unique insight into Muslim culture, life after death and the role of community in helping us move forward.

Be safe.

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